Jul 04, 2022
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Merch.Music Gets You 50 T-Shirts Free


Sell sustainable merch effortlessly, with no stock, zero risk and no more trips to the post office. Merch.Music demonstrates how you distribute hoodies, shirts and tote bags today.

As if that wasn’t enough, Merch.Music is hosting a competition on gigmit until September 26, 2022. Apply here to receive full revenue on the first 50 t-shirts sold (excl. shipping) worth 1,000 € value.

Merch.Music Revolutionizes An Important Part of the Live Business

One of the most important sources of income for musicians is the sale of merchandise at live concerts. The merch table enjoys certain fame and has a permanent place in the live business. Especially for small bands and solo acts, it is difficult at the beginning of a career to pay in advance and invest in enough t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, or other merch to carry with them to the concerts. With Merch.Music all artists and creators — from early-stage to established — are able to create and sell 100+ quality merchandising products with zero risk, stock, or commitment.

Simply create your artist store and generate revenue in minutes with no upfront costs. Get started here.

Easily Sell Merch to Your Fans

Selling merch can be very easy. That was not always the case. You probably know what a bass amp weighs and how exhausting it is to carry it back to the van before and after every concert. It’s similar to the cardboard merch boxes, which don’t get any sturdier from gig to gig either. Merch.Music makes merch distribution very effortless with print-on-demand solution.

Print-On-Demand: Make A Good Profit Without the Risk of Having Stock

The times are over when your old merch piles up in the rehearsal room or your label gives away your shirts because you haven’t picked them up from the office in far too long. At Merch.Music your merch is only produced when you or your fans order it. ON DEMAND is the magic concept that takes away the stress of buying and storing masses of clothes in advance.

No Setup Or Monthly Fees

What does it cost to use this new merch opportunity? Ha – there are no costs for you! Merch.Music is completely FREE to use. For every sold item Merch.Music charges only product manufacturing cost, the rest is yours. You decide the price of the merch yourself. An example? You sell a t-shirt for 25€. Merch.Music gets 10€ for producing. You earn 15€. Just a very simple calculation.

Merch.Music Win

Do you want to earn even more? Then join the competition on gigmit and get 100% OFF the first 50 shirts (excl. shipping).

Hassle-Free Set Up & Human Support for Orders

Setting up a new artist store for print-on-demand-merch or integrating it into your existing online shop is quite easy. Just choose one of the solutions Merch.Music offers that fits you best, sign up, select the products that you want to sell, upload your artwork and go live. No need to worry about the hassle, the people at Merch.Music handle the rest.

Sell Globally, Produce Locally

Merch.Music produces all orders as locally as possible – in more than 20+ Countries, reducing unnecessary transit and delivery times. For your fans it makes practically no difference where they live on this globe. They can order your merch – even if they only see you in a live stream.

Large Selection of Products: Hoodies, T-Shirts, Mugs, Bags & Many More

Where does your band logo or music message look better? On sweatshirts, tanktops, phone cases, bags…? Select the merch products that you love from ever-growing curated and sustainable products catalog. Add your artwork, play with it, and publish it to your shop.

You Can Start Selling In Less Than 1 Hour of Work

The merch revolution has already begun. It’s fast, effortless and sustainable. To set up your artist store is done on average in less than one hour.

Win 50 Shirts Worth 1,000€

As if that wasn’t enough, Merch.Music is hosting a competition on gigmit until September 26, 2022. Just apply here to receive full revenue on the first 50 t-shirts sold (excl. shipping) worth 1,000 € value.

Merch.Music Win 50 Shirts

Apply HERE to win 50 shirts

To win, note only two conditions:

  1. Before or right after your application, connect or create your free Merch.Music Artist Shop here. 
  2. Get orders shipped. To be the winner of the 50 free t-shirts you should have a minimum of 10 products of any category ordered until the end of this Call.

 gigmit and Merch.Music wish you good luck!

Learn more about Merch.Music here & create your free artist shop now.
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