Jun 07, 2024

Treat Yourself to Stage Time: o2 & DIY Newcomer Contest

Our Newcomer Contest is starting, and you can share the big stage at the open-air festival in Hamburg on June 28, plus enjoy three days of studio time at the o2 Music Studios Hamburg. Here’s how it works.

Want to show off your bangers? o2 Music Studios & DIY want to support you with a Newcomer Contest. The prize is a gig on June 28 at THE open-air festival in Hamburg. Which one exactly remains a secret for now. But it will be awesome, we promise.

Spoiler: Ski Aggu will hand you the mic with honor and proudly introduce you. So, let’s go!

Grab the chance to perform live on a big stage. Plus, you get 3 days in the o2 Music Studios! Priceless (because it’s free for you).

Join in (or – Steps to get more hype):

1.Post your application reel with the hashtag #o2MusicStudioHamburg.

2. Follow and tag @o2musicde + @diy_studios_hamburg.

3. The jury will select their favorite.

4. Community voting starts.

5. Winner will be announced.

Submission deadline is 13.6.2024.

The Festival Line-Up

(Haaland936, Kid Kapri, Ansu)

Share the stage with Haaland936, Ansu, Booz, Lelosa, Kid Kapri, Theo Junior, Miami Lenz, Alba, Francis, and Nizzi – Hosted by Essow.

And of course, you!

Your Host: Ski Aggu

You know Ski Aggu, right? the German rapper. Making big waves in the scene. Always with ski goggles. The Berliner has been dropping tracks since 2018 that mix party vibes with real talk. But it was his hit “Party Sahne” in 2022 that really put him in the spotlight, with performances at the hottest festivals. His latest album “Denk mal drüber nach…” has stormed the charts and shows he’s here to stay. With his retro vibes, Ski Aggu is making waves not just in the music scene but also on Instagram and TikTok, where he brings rebellious energy.

You can share the stage with him. Maybe the start of something huge.

The o2 Music Studio

The o2 Music Studios have upgraded the studios from DIY in Hamburg and A Million Entertainment in Berlin to the highest standards. The result is a powerhouse of tech, atmosphere, and experts with one goal: to bring forth the next generation of international chart-toppers. Here, songs are not only created, but also content is produced, sessions are led, livestreams are presented, releases are made, and studio experiences are captured.

Look forward to 3 days in the o2 Music Studio in Hamburg.

The Prize in Detail

Winning the Newcomer Contest is a game-changer. You get:

▪️ A live performance at the secret open-air festival on June 28, 2024, in Hamburg.

▪️ Introduction by Ski Aggu, who you probably know.

▪️ Three days of recording time at the o2 Music Studio in Hamburg.

Why participate?

Not a fan of contests? Screw it! You should join this one because it could be the game-changer in your career. Don’t miss this chance. #o2MusicDE #NewcomerContest #cando

Important dates summarized:

Submission deadline: June 13, 2024

Announcement: June 22, 2024

Performance: June 28, 2024, in Hamburg

For all details and to participate and find out more about the festival, click here.