Oct 21, 2020
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Pro Talk: “Something Big Is Getting Ready to Happen”


“Any advice that I could recommend for somebody getting into the music business or making records: Find your lane and stay in it! No one can be you except you. We all use the same chords, 12 notes in a scale. You have to listen to yourself. That’s the big thing.” 

In this Sennheiser Pro Talk you learn more about the advantages of underground parking, wood, programming drums and having a dad who is familiar with sophisticated sounds. Grammy-nominated musician, producer and studio owner, Michael Marquart has recorded many notable artists, including Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. He is presenting his studios and reveals to you what kind of development is getting ready to happen.

Michael Marquart On Parking At Windmark Recording

Have a look at the world-class Santa Monica based recording facility, Windmark Recording! It’s run by Michael Marquart: “Everything is wired here. So if you wanted to record a vocal in the hall or in the kitchen you can do that.”

The higher-end clientele really appreciates a big plus of the studio: the parking situation. The clients can drive underneath and then go right up in the studio that they’re actually working in without having to see anyone else.

The Wooden Barn

“Sometimes I absolutely hate music. Sometimes it’s the reason I breathe.” Tucked away in the Santa Monica mountains lies a private studio called The Barn. It’s Michael’s personal workspace, mainly made of wood from the legendary concert hall The Hollywood Bowl and recipient of a NAMM TEC Award in the Studio Design Project category. Michael says that you can feel here the wood having sucked up the energy of acts like Frank Sinatra, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Elton John. He shares his recording process and tells the advantages of programming drums.

“Something Big Is Getting Ready to Happen”

When it comes to the quality of sound, Michael Marquart and his engineers are taking an immersive approach from the ground up. They’re recording everything to be mixed in Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound, which might be the future regarding Spotify and 5G bandwidth. “We’re not there yet”, says Michael. Nevertheless, it makes him desperate when his daughter listens to music on laptop speakers.

Learning From Professionals: Sennheiser Pro Talk

In the music industry, there is no classic right and wrong. That’s why we at gigmit BLOG aim to share experiences and knowledge of people who work in the industry – just like our friends from Sennheiser do with their award-winning Pro Talk Series. Designed to serve as a valuable resource for aspiring engineers, producers and audio enthusiasts, the series focuses on the journeys of the world’s leading audio professionals and their expert advice for a path to success. In 2018 the Pro Talk Series won a TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the Audio Education Technology category.

Check it out, get inspired and learn from professionals like Michael Marquart what’s getting ready to happen.

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