Mar 28, 2023

Prolight + Sound 2023: Where Tomorrow’s Events & Entertainment Professionals Meet

Prolight + Sound 2023 returns with great anticipation from exhibitors, professionals and young talents from all over the world. The event promises to be a global meeting place for the latest trends and technologies in the events and entertainment industry. Read on for insights of the event!

Anticipation is building as the entertainment technology sector prepares for the highly anticipated Prolight + Sound trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany on 25 to 28 April 2023. After two years of global travel restrictions, exhibitors from all over the world will once again be represented in large numbers, making Prolight + Sound a global meeting place for industry leaders, professionals, decision-makers, and young talents. The four-day event promises to showcase the latest trends and technologies in lighting, lasers, projection, LED, PA systems, studio technology, and event services. In this blog, we’ll explore what visitors can expect from this renowned trade fair and why it’s considered Europe’s largest meeting place for theatre and stage technology.

Top Attractions for Audio Enthusiasts

Audio enthusiasts can expect a diverse range of programs and events at Prolight + Sound 2023. One of the highlights of the event is the “Performance + Production Hub” an interactive Experience Zone, which showcase innovative sound tools and offer daily workshops and showcases on DJing, remixing, beat-making, field recording and sound branding.

Companies like  LD Systems Adam Hall Group Melodics Ltd Ortofon A/S Panasonic TASCAM Europe pioneerdjglobal Broadtek Ableton Sharp Electronics Corporation USA Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH instruments of things Humpter Guillemot Corporation PAT GmbH DJcity Beatsource Beat League Deutsche POP Raycademy will be represented there.

This year, visitors can participate in discussions with professional musicians, explore career scenarios, and attend performances, interviews and lectures and listen to live music on several stages, organized by PRO MUSIK – Association of Freelance Music Creators.

Audio technicians will also have their own dedicated programme at the “ProAudio Collage”, where they can receive training in immersive sound systems, psychoacoustics, live sound in challenging environments, and home-studio productions. Plus, newcomers to the profession will get helpful tips on breaking into the industry.

Besides these informative activities, the Vintage Concert Audio Show will take visitors on a journey through the history of sound systems over the past sixty years. With over 200 showpieces to explore, attendees will discover how audio technology has evolved over time.

The Silent Stage returns to Prolight + Sound and will be implemented throughout the fair with three slots per day, each with 30-minute programmes. A live band will present the effect of a Silent Stage. Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the bass of the band on resonance platforms, which cannot be perceived through headphones. Various suppliers, including InEar and Mipro, will present their integrated solutions for the future of sound technology.

The Meeting Place for Tomorrow’s Professionals

Prolight + Sound serves as a platform for inspiring young talents for a career in the events and entertainment business. The Future Hub is dedicated to providing valuable content for newcomers and connects them with companies and educational institutes in the event sector.

The Future Talents Day returns this year, offering an opportunity for trainees, students, and young people interested in the industry to attend lectures on career scenarios, networking events, and behind-the-scenes tours.

But that’s just the beginning. This year’s event is also making a statement about gender equality by featuring the Women in Lighting Lounge, a central gathering place for female professionals and those interested in the field. Attendees can enjoy informative sessions on career opportunities and interviews with inspiring figures.

Full commitment to a greener event industry

The event industry is going green and Prolight + Sound is leading the way. They believe taking steps to conserve natural resources is not just a social obligation, but can also help make events more economically efficient.  Thus, to promote sustainability, the EVVC Green Sessions at the fair will feature lectures and panel discussions on topics such as climate-neutral events, eco-friendly tour management, and sustainability communication. Bettina Ludwig, an Austrian anthropologist, will give the keynote address at the Green Sessions. The event will also highlight suppliers of eco-friendly solutions in the catalogue and exhibitor search engine.

Four days of training and direct product experience

Prolight + Sound is the event to attend for those seeking to gain industry knowledge from a variety of experts. The event features several stages with valuable insights. At the Main Stage, trade-association representatives cover urgent topics that impact the industry as a whole. Meanwhile, the Theatre + Light Stage showcases the latest technological trends in action. Exhibitors also have the chance to demonstrate their innovative solutions and applications at the Manufacturers’ Forum. Moreover, the International Event Safety Conference (I-ESC) returns to focus on occupational safety, infection protection at events, and tools for implementing post-Covid projects in a regulation-conform manner.


Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge from all these lectures, workshops, showcases and product demonstrations, making Prolight + Sound 2023 an event not to be missed. All of them are free of charge for holders of a valid Prolight + Sound ticket, which also gives admission to the grand Get-together with live music and drinks in the evening of the first day of the fair.

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