Jul 22, 2021
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Online Events Saved the Concert Industry. What’s Next?


The year 2020 was a difficult year for professionals in the music industry. The stereotypical nature of the industry received a strong blow by the wind of the pandemic. Artists struggle with setting up either physical performances or touring. Most of the major music releases had to be postponed or canceled. Most artists and other players in the music industry couldn’t enjoy the perks of their work. These and many more instances described the daunting impact of the pandemic on the music industry as a whole, not leaving the big names of the industry out of the wave. 

However, as trying as 2020 might be for the industry, the advent of the pandemic triggered a paradigm shift in the music industry globally. The industry was forced to switch to using better and improved tools and options. The pandemic boosted the quick introduction of emerging technologies to the industry. Diversification and expansion into the new music market were made easier. Artists found new ways and branded existing methods in keeping the music spirit alive among their fans, regain their lost time and resources, develop new monetization strategies, and ensure the sustainability of the industry against future waves. 

Online Concerts

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of concerts, festivals, and tours have been canceled or postponed. Meanwhile, physical events and tours are some of the biggest sources of income for artists around the world. With concerts and festivals being some of the last events that were to be permitted during the pandemic due to social distancing guidelines, music fans found it difficult to attend large gatherings. While trying to make up for lost shows, artists have turned their attention to online events. Online concerts aren’t an entirely new concept, but the pandemic has certainly given it new life. The online events have worked wonders among artists looking to make solid connections with their audience during a performance. It has helped music lovers around the world in keeping the entertainment spirit alive. It has also been a substitute for physical performances and a new stream of income for artists.

Online Concerts With Show4Me

The music interaction network Show4me made online concerts easy and fun. We have already presented Show4Me 2020 here on the gigmit blog. It helps artists in exhibiting and showcasing their artistic skills and talents. It provides better options in performing your music to your fans anywhere in the world. With Show4me Live, online streaming is an easy task since it gives you the opportunity of reaching greater traction for your concert from anywhere in the world once your musical gadgets and instruments are in place. The platform’s live feature gives pros the chance of concert streaming while their audience can pay, watch, comment, tip, and have the opportunity to re-access the performance anytime after the show with so much ease.

The Online Concerts Success Stories

At Show4Me, we have recorded tremendous successes with our new online features. During the lockdown, we were among the best music platforms for online event streaming” says Show4me CEO and founder Karen Chiftalaryan.

In 2020, Show4me artists launched 600+ online concert campaigns. More than 15,000 fans watched live streaming events of their favorite artists. Interestingly, the average ticket price is €10 and on average one fan purchases two tickets per concert. Despite the lockdown and global impact on the live events, we managed to increase artists’ revenue and fan engagement. Thanks to Show4Me Live.” he said.

Other Show4Me Success Stories

Successful Artist – De Feo 

DE FEO is a DJ, sound designer, and visual artist based in Berlin. He creates music in the genres of techno, hard techno, ambient, experimental, deep, and melodic techno. De Feo held 5 online events during 2020 experimenting with locations and formats. The most extraordinary event was held at the lakeshore in the forest. He combined electronic music with nature to give his fans a boundless experience when everyone was sitting at home.

Successful Artist – Larissa Goretkin 

Larissa is an independent Brazilian musician who now lives in Portugal. She held 12 online shows during the last year and her husband LELEIA GLITTER held 8 online shows.

Online Fest – #IAM Gospel “LIVE” Concert/Artists & Fan Meet Up (USA)

Online Gospel Music Festival organized by Atlanta (US) based Gospel music Record label. 12 great artists in one show that had been streamed worldwide.

German Music Market

Germany – the home to one of the best music in the world is the next stop for Show4Me. In July 2021, Show4Me turned to the German market as the music company opened a new office in Berlin. The German music industry and environment have been a comfortable site for artists and music fans around the world. Germany hosts several large rock music festivals and concerts every year. Berlin, which is the new home of Show4Me in Germany, has developed diverse music and entertainment industries.

Joscha Hudepohl, CEO Show4Me Germany
“Better access to the global audience” – Joscha Hudepohl, CEO Show4Me Germany

Considering the impact of Covid-19 and the response of various organizations and companies around the world, we had an extended conversation with Joscha Hudepohl, CEO Show4Me Germany.

gigmit: Why did Show4Me decide to extend to Germany?

Joscha Hudepohl: After examining series of options post-covid on places with great musical concepts and potential, we realized that Germany is our next stop. The German music market has been one of the best according to IFPI within the last 10 years. The wealth of opportunity and the depth in diversity that the German market provides for artists and music fans around the world is another reason why we decided to open a subsidiary in Berlin.

Why did you pick Berlin out of the 50+ cities with over 500,000 populations across Germany?

The significance of Berlin in the German musical world is not just in the city being the country’s capital but it’s in the exceptionality that it provides. The city is a magnet for composers, musicians, and DJs from all areas of music. The wide range of professional recording studios makes Berlin the ideal production location and its proximity to the many music events allows companies to adopt trends quickly. The city’s music industry unites major labels, artists, music platforms as well as innovative startups.

What are the benefits and unique features Show4Me can offer artists in Germany?

Fully knowing about the presence of major music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music in Germany, we are coming in with major distinction. With our company, residents in Germany now have access to a localized music website that is fully scripted in the German language. Our website provides a connecting atmosphere for artists and fans. We offer an inbuilt ticketing service alongside online streaming features for either recorded songs or live concerts. With Show4Me, German artists now have better access to the global audience and a set of tools for music monetization. 

Will the music industry return to normal or will there be a new normal? 

I will thank you for this question because this is an important question. Considering the impact of Covid-19 on the music industry in 2020, I believe the music industry will never get back to what it was. Before the pandemic, the industry had experienced a series of setbacks, flaws, and slackness in new technologies. So the lockdown was our chance to make it better and make it more artist-centric. In the new normal, there will be new tools and revenue streams for artists. Artists can easily interact with their fans. Hybrid events will be of high use. In support of this, Show4me is working hard to help artists make a living out of their art.

Hybrid Events

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was felt by everyone, corporations, organizations, and industries alike. The music industry was not left out. The world has gone virtual and things seem to be slowly returning to the norm. However, with different regulations and policies in place, the world is trying to balance both virtual and physical worlds. Artists and show organisers are discovering ways to blend the live and virtual experience to create a unique performance for their fans and music lovers. The merging of these two forms results in a hybrid event. Hybrid events fuse live social functions with the virtual world.

Benefits of Hybrid Events

With government restrictions on physical gatherings, there’s always a cap on the number of individuals that can attend a show. Nonetheless, with a hybrid event, you can successfully cater to the number of people who want to attend your show. Fans can stream without feeling left out. What other benefits do hybrid events offer?

  1. Accessibility & Inclusivity – Technology has made accessibility to information a cakewalk. One major advantage of virtual shows is the global reach it has. Now merge that with the in-person experience. Hybrid events ensure that individuals across the globe have access to an event. With this option, geographical location is not a barrier. For fans with special needs who may prefer the option of attending remotely, having a hybrid event ensures they are not left out. People who may also not be able to attend due to travel restrictions will not miss out on your event. Setting up a hybrid event is ensuring that no one gets left out.
  2. Larger Population – There are more chances of having a higher population in attendance. Without having to place the lives of attendees at risk, a hybrid event will ensure that the number of in-person attendees can be managed while having a larger virtual population. There’s really no need to limit the number of people who can attend your show online. You can provide various ticket types to cater to both audiences with a platform like Show4me.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness – As opposed to strictly live events where you have to cater for large venues, large audiences, security teams while worrying about complying with health guidelines and other protocols, your show can be held in a smaller space with a sizable number of team members and crew. This will reduce the cost of running the show and provide the advantage of selling more tickets to your virtual fans.
  4. Content Monetization – After your performance is over, you may choose to charge for lifetime access. Hybrid events offer this opportunity of monetizing your content. If your fans want to experience those moments again, you may choose to charge them for a token.

Alternative Plan – Recent occurrences have proven that anything can happen at any time. It may be discouraging to plan for a live event and have it canceled due to a pandemic or certain regulations. Having a hybrid show helps you to be on the safe side. If anything comes up, you can change tickets for live attendees to virtual attendees without having to refund ticket fares or even cancel your event.

To get more information on how to set up successful online and hybrid events check out the Show4Me for Artists.

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