May 25, 2021
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Shure Mic Match Quiz: Find the Mic That Suits Your Needs


Selecting the right microphone can be intimidating. With countless options available—dynamic or condenser, single application or multi-purpose, end or side-address—it’s easy to be overwhelmed. To make it easier, Shure created the Mic Match quiz to help vocalists select the correct microphone for their specific application.

Shure Mic Match Quiz

Developed by Shure sound engineers, the multiple-choice Mic Match quiz enables artists to discover the best microphone to help address their needs. Each question highlights the most important factors to consider when choosing a microphone and presents them in an easy way.

Questions range from ‘I plan to record my next song…’

  1. in a studio
  2. on-the-go
  3. at home

to ‘My vocals are…’

  1. loud and powerful
  2. soft and subtle

The multi-step quiz addresses vocalist priorities at the moment and chooses the best microphone for their environment.

Important First Step

“Choosing the right microphone is an important first step for all musicians,” said Paul Crognale, Senior Manager of Musician and Consumer Audio Marketing at Shure. “We value the investment and hope to ease the worry when selecting professional audio gear. From the beginning, Shure has supported artists at every stage of their journey, providing education and guidance along the way.”

With decades of experience and expertise, Shure aims to be a trustworthy companion to all vocalists, while providing microphones with tried and true performance and offering guidance along the way.

Take the Quiz – Find Your Mic!

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You took the quiz, found the right mic, and want to perform?
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