Oct 11, 2022

SIXT and Gigmit go to Music Festival!

Industry giants SIXT have teamed up with the gigmit team to launch numerous collaborations in the music industry. In this article, you’ll learn more about the people behind the vision and what’s to come in the coming weeks!



SIXT x Mondo DJ advertisement

The People Behind the Vision

Music connects, worldwide. And what connects a car rental and a booking platform for artists? The common denominator: Creativity and innovation, breaking new ground and striving to competently bring people to their goals.

Gigmit is the fastest growing booking platform in the world. Sixt, the world’s fastest growing brand in the car rental sector – and has long since ceased to be purely a car rental company, but a leading international provider of high-quality mobility services.


The driving forces behind the collaboration are Marcus Fitzgerald, CEO of Gigmit, and Jens Schwan, author of these lines and head of the SIXT Online editorial team. A perfect match: It goes without saying that Marcus is a music-loving guy.


But Jens has also been a DJ in Berlin for 30 years, organizer of open air events, boss of one of the most well-known magazines about the club scene called THE CLUBMAP and co-founder of the Zug der Liebe, an annual music parade in Berlin. 




Mondo NYC Revives the Partnership

And although the idea came up in 2018, Corona thwarted everything. With the New York Mondo Festival however, the project experienced a brilliant revival.

After two long Covid years, this project is our support for musicians and artists. Our promise to the artists: We move you so that you can move the people in front of your stage.

Guitarist performing at MondoNYC


How do we do that? We support the festival with cars and give musicians and artists the chance to perform at the Mondo. DJs and bands can win various prizes worth up to €2500.

We provide vouchers so artists can travel with friends and luggage and enjoy the festival weekend worry-free.


Further Projects

MondoNYC is only one of the many projects that SIXT and Gigmit have been working on.

Here are some more of the projects that we’ve been working on:

SIXT Influencer / Content Creator Call: SIXT are looking for up to 10 influencers to get the chance to get a nice car for a weekend (value over 1000 dollars) in exchange for producing music-related content with it. (Applications have sadly closed)

SIXT Contest: Win a free tour bus for a year! Plus many more prizes for places 2-10!

SIXT x Mondo: This is a special opportunity for one hand-picked Dj and Live-Act to perform on the SIXT Music stage at this year’s Mondo Showcase and Music Conference in New York! (Applications have sadly closed).

SIXT x Linecheck: This is a special opportunity for one hand-picked DJ/Live Act to perform at the SIXT Music stage at this year’s Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival in Milan!


Apply now to get involved in these amazing projects!


SIXT is a leading international provider of high-quality mobility services. We offer a unique integrated mobility service in the areas of car rental, car sharing, ride hailing and car subscriptions.

With the SIXT app, we offer our customers digital access to more than 242,000 vehicles and around 5 million networked drivers in around 110 countries worldwide. Comfortable. Flexible. And always a bit more innovative than the rest.



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