May 06, 2022

Stream 60 Second of Silence to Stand With Ukraine


A silent song – 60 seconds of silence. Because the weapons must also be silent. Because the senseless war leaves us speechless.

Let the Guns Be Silent

A silent song: The Peace Squad is sending a signal with 60 Seconds of Silence because the weapons need to stop. Because we want to commemorate the murdered victims. Because the war leaves us speechless. You, too?

Then listen to the song of silence. Every stream counts. Every stream donates money, spreads the message, and helps Ukraine.

-> Stream 60 Seconds of Silence HERE <-

Cover Artwork: 60 Second of Silence

All donations go straight to #LeaveNoOneBehind to help get refugees the humanitarian aid they need. You can stream the silent song on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, or Amazon Music. Important: The stream only counts after 30 seconds of listening.

You Are Peace Squad!

Who is the Peace Squad? You are. Everyone is the Peace Squad. Everyone who shares the message of the silent song. Let’s make the Peace Squad the biggest band in the world.

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