Dec 21, 2022


gigmit teamed up with music innovators D’Addario to send 5 gigmit artists a set of the most innovative coated guitar strings ever created! See the results!

Music tech pioneers D’Addario have once again changed the game with their brand new, cutting edge guitar strings. After the successful introduction of the innovative strings for acoustic guitar, mandolin, and 12-string – which we already reported on here – D’Addario have now launched the XS Electric set.  A dream asset for any guitarist!

When you play with the XS set, you benefit from:

  • Full Film Coating that results in a smooth feel
  • Maximum Life output, and sustain for the longest coated strings ever

But how do the strings sound when they are played by real musicians with love and passion? Well luckily, we got to find out!

D’Addario teamed up with gigmit to give 5 of our talented artists the opportunity to receive a free set of XS strings for them to play around with. And the results were amazing! The five talented STRINGfluencers each sent us in a video of their XS Electric Set unboxing, and we even got to see the strings in action!


The STRINGfluencers receive their XS strings!


Unboxing XS Electric Set on a boat!

From the small town Mosjøen in the north of Norway, surrounded by northern lights, sea and mountains, ∆NNA creates feel-good songs about feel-bad things.

With striking drums, dreamy guitars and freehearted words, she is pushing the boundaries of Scandi-Pop.

As a songwriter, her catalogue ranges from introspective, emotional songs about the dark sides of life, to upbeat songs that will make you forget about the world.

Paul McCartney even gave her Scandi-Pop songwriting skills his tick of approval!

The 23-year-old is writing, recording all guitars/vocals and producing from home.


In an exclusive unboxing video, ∆NNA gives us an exclusive demonstration of the XS strings in action. Check out the result below!

Guitar restringing tutorial from a Rock Band!

Multivision are a Greek alternative rock band, who use a incorporate a range of different rock styles into their music.

They take inspiration from the 80s all the way to the late 10s, giving their songs a broad and articulated style.

The band appeared on numerous radio shows, promoting their EP and announcing that they were in pre-production of a second studio album, alongside their conceptual logo persona “Lucius”.

The album expanded on the alternative rock sound of its EP predecessor, engaging with blues and punk styles.

The talented gigmit band provided us with a fantastic video of their XS Electric Set unboxing. See the video below!

Welsh folk singer-songwriter unboxes her XS Electric Set!

Rebecca Hurn is an up and coming, global award winning singer songwriter from South Wales.

In recent years, her debut EP ‘Waves’ received global recognition, being awarded as ‘Best Song’ at Cardiff Music Awards. She also won ‘Best Folk Songwriter’ in New York City’s Independent Music Awards. Rebecca is only one of two UK artists to be awarded this achievement. The other being Passenger with ‘Let Her Go’.

Furthermore, Rebecca Hurn was also the only unsigned artist to headline The Isle Of Wight festival in 2021, sharing the same stage as household names such as Kaiser Chiefs, Ella Henderson and similar artist Maisie Peters.

Check out Rebecca’s XS string unboxing here!


An unboxing like you’ve never seen before with Altre di B!

Altre di B  are an Italian Indie Rock band with an incredible talent for crafting raw aggressive melodies combined with catchy indie melodies.

They have a captivating on-stage energy, seeming to bounce of their fellow band mates resulting in a crazy performance.

Altre di B recently performed at the gigmit showcase at Iceland Ariwaves 2022. They packed their performance full of quality songs, and they gave each and every one of them their all. Certainly a memorable performance! Read the full article about the showcase here!

It’s no surprise that their unboxing video is filled with much of the same chaotic energy and funny personality!

Check out what they sent us!


Talking to Sophie unboxes his XS Electric Set!

Talking To Sophie makes a ringing sound, packed with pop structures and confusing tonal wrangling! After months of playing in the studio, Talking To Sophie, aka Marcel Krell, brings the self-produced debut album to the big and small stages of the republic.

It all started with replaying the first self-bought record, the songs of the youth idol, with power chords and squeaky solo attempts. 2 years later the first band came – also the last!

After 5 years, between pop/rock and acoustic shows, tiring rehearsals and touring through the Brandenburg Pampa, it was over! Alone is the singer!

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