Nov 10, 2020

gigmit Success Stories: Live Acts for Your Watchlist


Making it as an artist in the music industry takes time and energy. Most artists who have managed who become successful had to work hard and it took them years. So often times it is hard to keep track, if a newcomer made it later on. That is why we took the time to follow the career paths of our artist community and gathered some of the best success stories for you. Discover the gigmit acts that are on their way to success.

What makes a success story? Is it the amount of gigs an artist played, or the growing pace of their fan base? Is it the amount of views their videos get, or the size of the festivals they’ve played? Measuring success is difficult. However at gigmit we consider that there are various types of success stories. Let us introduce a few to you…

ÄTNA, Most Wanted INES#talent

If you have been following the current European music industry news, there is no chance you’ve missed Ätna. Oddly enough, 2020 has been a rather good year for the Electropop duo from Dresden. In fact they have been nominated and won the Reeperbahn Festival Anchor Award for best newcomer. On top of that, they recently issued Grinding, their very political new single and their fan base has constantly been growing for months. A real success story that has just begun.

Additionally we were happy to feature the duo in many of our GROWTH CHARTS, both as trending talent from Germany and as most wanted INES#talent. Discover the INES#talent charts and the gigmit charts for October.

gigmit Fostering Collaborations

In 2020, gigmit launched Indoor Inspired in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim was to provide artists with a stage and to help them showcase their music when travelling is impossible. The 2nd edition which took place on gigmit’s Facebook page showcased 12 international acts.

That is how the success story for Voltereta, Electronica composer from Spain and Solia, French Soul singer, begun. Even if both live streams went very well, little did we know that it would result in a collaboration between the two artists. Solia and Voltereta are currently working together, and we cannot wait to listen to the result…

Love X Stereo & the Pandemic: From Indoor Inspired to MU:CON

Launched in 2011 by former skate punk rocker Toby Hwang and astrophysicist Annie Ko, Love X Stereo is a dazzling Seoul electro-rock duo whose music enraptured music festival audiences across Asia and North America. They performed live at the second edition of Indoor Inspired, regardless of the time difference between Seoul and Berlin.

Last September, they played at MU:CON online, South Korea’s largest international music conference.

Showcasing All Over the World With The Magnettes

The Magnettes is a Pop/Indiepop duo formed by two sisters from Pajala. Coming from such a little and isolated town in the North of Sweden, the sisters had to fight to make themselves a name in the international music business. In fact, they were nominated as INES#talent by Live At Heart festival in 2018.

The same year, they were booked to perform at SXSW in Texas for the second time. Since then, they have performed at countless showcase festivals over the world. The Great Escape, Golden Melody Awards, Liverpool Sound City, Focus Wales, Live at Heart, Tallinn Music Week and Waves Vienna are as many festivals they played at, making them one of the INES#talents who performed at the most INES#festivals.

We had the chance to meet them at Waves Vienna 2019 where they explained how to make a living from their music.

A very European Act from Slovenia

Let us introduce you to Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl or Zalagasper, INES#talent 2019 from Slovenia who also proudly represented their country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 with their song Sebi.

Their popularity has constantly been growing since then, and they have been at the top of the INES#talent GROWTH CHARTS two months in a row this year. Discover the charts for August and September 2020. With over 88.000 monthly listeners on Spotify, around 10,000 Facebook fans, and over 6 million views on YouTube, the duo can be proud.


ANGE: a neo-pop princess

The neo-soul-pop singer-songwriter ANGE (Angela Paez) is an emerging talent who is getting her name known in the music scene. Originating from Spain but now based in Australia, she released her first single in November last year, which peaked at #1 in the R&B/Soul iTunes charts in Sweden and was popular in many other countries too. With 3,793 monthly listeners on Spotify, she’s now completing her new debut EP which will be released at the beginning of 2021. She played at gigmit’s Indoor Inspired online festival, too.

Vaarwell from Lisbon

Vaarwell is an electro-pop duo formed in 2014 and now based in London. Since their first EP in 2015 “Love and Forgiveness”, they’ve received tons of positive feedbacks and validation from eminent radio as BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 as well as online support from Stereogum, Mahogany & many other. They’ve already played at big festivals such as Waves Vienna, Rock in Rio, NOS Alive, Vodafone Paredes de Coura & SXSW and are now ready to keep rising. They performed at gigmit’s Indoor Inspired online festival last year.

Richard Carter: a rising star

Richard Carter is a young promising artist/producer who will probably just keep growing in the following years. The Nigerian-British talent has learnt taught himself everything he knows about music and takes care of all steps of his production. Witty, funny and extremely talented, the hip-hop artist has captured the attention of 5000+ people on our last featured livestream on Twitch. You best believe you will probably hear your neighbour’s son sings his tunes Blow Up, Someday & Way We Go!

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