Mar 08, 2022

Women’s Day: Let’s Make The Music Industry Equal!

It’s not a man’s world. It’s not a women’s world. It should be an EQUAL world. And today is a perfect time to talk about women in the music industry…

A Light of Hope On Women’s Day 2022?

For women, minorities, and society at large, music is often a light of hope, something that empowers them. These days, we are not short on female artists or people who think inclusively. They are present on charts and share their voice in the media. They receive nominations for the most important awards in the music industry. So, what is the problem?

The majority of the top players in the industry side of music are more interested in creating appearances than in fundamental transformation. A good example does not come from the top.

It’s the hard work of many independent organisations and artists who are not afraid of sharing their spotlight with others. On International Women’s Day, we have spoken to some of them about the current state and possible changes in the industry.

The Numbers

But before we come to their answers, let us throw some numbers at you, so you have a better view of the problem.

Infographic- Percentage of Women Across Executive Roles
Infographic- Percentage of Women Across Executive Roles. Source: USC Annenberg.
Infographic- Percentage of Women Across Creative Roles
Infographic- Percentage of Women Across Creative Roles. Source: USC Annenberg.


In our humble opinion, this doesn’t look good. We have compiled empowering stories, a list of organisations helping women in the industry, and useful initiatives.

Where should female artists look for support?

Our team found useful resources that support women in music! Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you are one of them:

We reached out to a few of them and to some artists within our community who shared their views on crucial topics.

gigmit: What do you think about the statement: “women are either sidelined or sensationalised”?

Traditionally, women in the music industry have certainly either been sensationalised / sexualized / fetishized in the artist space, or sidelined in the executive space. Luckily, things have changed and will continue to change, but these perceptions often Remain.

– Nicole Barsalona, Women in Music.

Nicole Barsalona
Nicole Barsalona, Women in Music

What is the “status quo” for women in the music industry in 2022?

Things are improving, but there’s still a long way to go. If more women are getting their foot in the door in the industry, that’s amazing. However, the attitudes towards women in these spaces is still a difficult challenge to overcome. Women are often overlooked, spoken over, or simply not given the same opportunities as a man in a similar position.

Girls Against.

Why does the music industry need more women?

That’s sort of like asking why does the world need more or even any women – because they’re people! Women have so much to offer and a lot others can learn from, just like anyone else out there.

The Female DIY Musician.

We need more diversity within the industry in all areas. Having a wider diversity pool at the top means fairer opportunities, better represented ideas and a healthier workforce. I also feel in the past, a lot of female and minority musicians who deserved bigger platforms and recognition were nudged out the way by male counterparts. It’s our turn now.

– Jasmine Hodge, The Music Federation, Fangrrl PR.

Music industry needs more everyone, more diversity in general, not just with women.
When we say more, we mean more individuals and bands but mostly more exposure, more gigs and festival opportunities, more encouragement.

Boudica Festival.

But it would be nice for the music industry to have more women so there wouldn’t be such gender imbalance and it would be normal for a woman to play drums for example.

– Benadetta, shishi.

Lithuanian Indie Rock / Surf band Shishi

What is feminism in music?

Feminism in music, to me, is the same as feminism in any line of work. It means equality. It means supporting those who haven’t been supported fairly in the past. It’s time to even out the playing field and lift groups who deserve to be lifted or haven’t had their chance to be elevated yet.

– Jasmine Hodge, The Music Federation, Fangrll PR.

Feminism in music, to me, is offering space for women, lifting up women, platforming women of colour, LGBTQIA+ women ahead of yourself. Feminism in music is respecting women around you, learning about how to behave within the industry and listening to organisations such as ourselves who offer ways to improve.

Girls Against.

What’s the most positive change in the music industry you’ve observed in the past year?

People speaking freely about discrimination – not just in relation to gender, but in general. This wasn’t happening and would even be a career ender before the last 10 years.

The Female DIY Musician.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is a must, and seeing it begin to happen is thrilling.

– Linda Coogan Byrne, Why Not Her?.

I really enjoy seeing people calling out major festival line ups for their lack of diversity…if only the festivals would all respond to this though. 

– Jasmine Hodge, The Music Federation, Fangrrl PR.

And that’s the state of the industry for 8th of March 2022.

At gigmit, we give a chance to all artists, no matter their gender. We encourage our partners to book acts fairly and commit to an equal representation of all genders on our platform. Our objective is to turn gigmit into a space when each of you will feel safe and confident enough to share experiences.

There is still loads of work to do to make the music industry a better place. But we, as a gigmit, are happy to take this challenge.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this article. Let’s keep inspiring each other!


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