Jun 29, 2021
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CASIO Notes: Head Off, Emotions On!


Head off, emotions on! MARK MOODY and VØR are two piano acts that have consciously chosen music as a safe space for creativity. While filming CASIO Notes, we talked to both of them about emotions and personal challenges and learned the importance of protection from social madness and a good curry.


For the CASIO Notes, we booked the most promising gigmit acts on the piano – on the CASIO Privia PX-S1000 and Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-510 to be precise – and talked to them about the art of composition, good piano sound, and personal details of their creative work. We are very proudly presenting: VØR und MARK MOODY!


With his brain on “bypass”, Mark Moody plays simple melodies supported by a complex framework of thoughtful rhythms and harmonies. The pianist with Hungarian roots thus paves the way for emotion back out of the instrument. The debut of his Piano Jazz Core duo “Moodinies” will be released in autumn.

gigmit: Mark, you gave up your career as a mechanical engineer to make music.

MARK MOODY: My greatest success! I am currently planning a trip to Africa by car with a friend to build a music school with donations. I hope that everything works out as planned!

The rhythms and harmonies you play on the Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-510 are complex and elaborate. Is planning important for your music?

The core of my music is to give up conscious decisions and thus pave the way for emotions to enter and leave the instrument. Switching the brain to “bypass”.

What is a big challenge for you?

Not to be distracted by the madness of society. All this social media and streaming… I just have a button phone that forcibly isolates me so I have more time for the really important things.

My band and at the same time my main project “Moodinies” will release its debut album this autumn after 3 years of work. We are a “Piano Jazz Core” duo with me on the piano, which is often effected and alienated by the computer, and Nicholas Stampf, the most brilliant drummer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It remains exciting!

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The way Lena, the musician behind VØR, draws her strength from music, you’d never guess she used to be an introvert. Piano sounds are always there to convey the feeling of being in a safe place. VØR’s alternative pop thrives on her charismatic voice, on strong emotions with a dark twist. Her debut album will be released in 2022.

gigmit: Who is VØR?

VØR: VØR is the stronger part of me that is not afraid to show myself as I am. In my private life, I am sometimes much more reserved and shy. VØR helps me to express myself fully.

What challenges do you face?

I cooked a very good curry the other day. I’m not really good at cooking. But it was actually very good and surprised me a bit myself. The biggest challenge is to take care of me and not be too hard on myself. I have to remember it every day and be very attentive.

Your performance with the Privia PX-S 1000 is very emotional. And then there’s your really special timbre…

In any case, it always makes me very happy when people write to me that they feel understood and connected after listening to my songs. That is the nicest compliment you can give me. I can’t help the colour of my voice, but I can create feelings and bring strangers together. Through music. That is very special and incredibly beautiful.

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