Jun 08, 2021
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CASIO Notes: Be Honest With Yourself


Authentic dream pop and melancholy disco – SULTANS COURT and THALA are two outstanding live acts whose debut albums are coming up. We met the two Berlin acts at the piano for the filming of CASIO Notes and talked about creativity, sound, and recipes for success. We found out who can’t stop tweaking when it comes to songwriting and who sings without lyrics anyway.


For the CASIO Notes, we booked the most promising gigmit acts on the piano – on the CASIO Privia PX-S1000 and PX-S3000 to be precise – and talked to them about the art of composition, good piano sound, and personal details of their creative work. We are very proudly presenting: THALA and SULTAN’S COURT!


Stay true to your emotions and be honest with yourself! SULTANS COURT create their own musical space within the liaison of lively analogue sounds with the digital world. It’s called Melancholy Disco. The four Berliners met in 2015 on a carsharing ride to a festival and have been keeping the energy level high since with a shared passion.

gigmit: SULTANS COURT is being played on the radio, you perform festival shows and get streaming playlist placements. Although you have just started working on your first album. Where does the success come from?

SULTANS COURT: It’s a result of us staying together and working hard. Our greatest success is that we kept the band together. It’s a very special feeling to be in a group of people that are all working with passion on the same thing.

How was the shoot with the Privia PX-S3000?

The shoot was very exciting. For us it was hard to find inspiration during the pandemic due to the lack of social experiences or exciting experiences in general. The shoot with CASIO felt like a big relief to get out again and have some action during lockdown – with all the safety precautions that go with it, of course!

What is your secret, as you can tell other bands?

We had no lyrics on our first few shows and Julius was just singing random words that sounded cool. Nobody noticed. No, seriously, we made it very clear within the group that if we discuss or fight over things, it’s always about getting the best result for the project and nothing is meant personally. We also have no leader in the group, everyone brings in his strength, and every voice counts. Works great for us.

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Like many others, we very much appreciate THALA’s authenticity. According to her, all the Dream Pop exceptional talent wants is to resonate with her feelings in the sound melange of 70’s vibes, shoegaze, and psych of the 80s and 90s. In 2019, THALA started out as a street musician in Berlin and in just a few months gained international attention via open mic events and support slots for well-known bands.

gigmit: THALA, your debut album “Adolescence” will be released in September.

THALA: Yes! It is gonna be so strange to be holding a freaking vinyl in my hand and on that vinyl, songs that I have written and composed.

Your songwriting has been described as outstanding. In the video, you praise the great sound variety of the CASIO Privia PX-S1000 and the PX-S3000. How do you compose? 

Wouldn’t call me a perfectionist. But I guess I rarely feel like it’s good enough to be shot into space. So naturally, I wanna sit down and tweak some stuff here and there and then VERY OFTEN I realise that it was much better before. The boys that I work with tell me all the time and I still can’t leave it be – haha.

And yes – my first digital piano was a Privia. It’s super important to me that I can quickly lose myself in worlds of sound with an instrument.

What success are you aiming for?

Honestly? My greatest success is that I get to do what I love most in life! What greater success is there really? I guess just try to be as genuine as possible and put yourself out there and people will realize.

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