Jan 11, 2023

Check out the magical AKG Home Studio Sessions!

Last year, we teamed up with audio equipment company Harman to give gigmit artists the opportunity to receive special music equipment to record home studio session videos.

AKG was looking for amazing new talents using their gear to produce and perform their new songs. Through this partnership, AKG, a brand under the Harman umbrella, provided three selected artists an AKG Lyra ultra-HD multimode USB microphone, AKG K371 professional studio headphones with additional Bluetooth functionality, JBL 104-BT Bluetooth desktop reference monitors, Ableton® Live 10 Lite audio production software, and a free Berklee Online introductory recording course. This call for artist collaboration between gigmit and AKG  offered artists the chance to enhance their home recording setup and create high-quality music from their own homes and benefit from extra media power through gigmits and AKGs channels. Read on to see the results of these amazing home studio sessions!

Get inspired by the creativity of these 3 Gigmit artists in their home studio sessions

Ben Jud

Ben Jud, also known as “The Singing Bassist,” is a self-made artist based in Berlin and Los Angeles. He has gained recognition for his exceptional bass and vocal skills through years of touring and studio work. As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Jud is capable of creating original music on his own. His genre sits between pop and blues, and is characterized by his unique bass-playing style. His latest EP, “HOPE,” is now available on streaming platforms and features encouraging messages, motivating emotions, and honest lyrics. Jud’s goal with the record is to provide hope to those in need and inspire others. Experience stunning sound quality with Ben Jud’s home studio performance….


Silky Steps

Silky Steps are an indie-pop group from Estonia known for their male-female lead vocals and funky grooves. Their lyrics often describe intimate moments. The band gained popularity with their release “The One”. It led to performances at various music festivals in Estonia and a mini-tour in China. They are currently working on their second studio album under the label Estonian Funk Embassy and are gaining more popularity.

Get lost in the music with Silky Steps’ home studio session….

The Planetoids

The Planetoids have been described as an Indie/Disco/Pop band and offer high levels of musicianship with influences from Phoenix, Vulfpeck, and Erlend Oye, as well as elements of funk, 80s, and deep space. They are currently working on a concept art project with four EPs and accompanying music videos. Furthermore, the band has played over 100 shows in the past three years, demonstrating that there is still a demand for happy, groovy, and organic music in a digitally-focused world.

Let The Planetoids home studio performance take you on a journey through the galaxy….


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