Jul 01, 2020

Corona Crisis & Music Industry: Lockdown Learnings


What kind of support will be provided to artists and event organisers in the coming months? Let’s take some time to discuss the impact of corona on the music industry.
Istanbul-based artist Kalben, Waves Vienna festival director Thomas Heher and gigmit CEO Marcus Fitzgerald share their lockdown learnings.

Corona’s Impact On the Music Industry

The impact of corona on the music industry is considerable:  streaming gigs, new ways to produce music and hybrid festival editions have been put in place to keep the live music industry alive. Will all of this last even after the crisis is over? And what can artists do to catch bookers’ attention in the meantime?

How can artists keep busy when there is no live show to play? How can festival organisers keep planning events? And how can gigmit help both artists and promoters who are struggling at the moment?

Let’s take some time to appreciate the points of view of an artist, a festival director and a booking platform CEO.

Join our Industry Talk with Kalben, Thomas Heher and Marcus Fitzgerald.

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