Feb 17, 2020

Discover the Digital Age of Booking

Dear gigmit community, this is the new gigmit blog! Your guide to discovering the digital age of booking with all the news and trends, expert interviews, competitions, discounts and classic guides on booking and DIY talent development. More modern, with new features and constantly updated.

Let’s share experiences and get empowered!

Yes! Here it is the new gigmit blog for the live music community to discover the digital age of booking. Clearly arranged and in a modern design. Find out and look up what your booking brings you in these days. And this is more than ever: More knowledge, more opportunities, more personal responsibility and more live experience.

What Do You Get Out of the Live Industry?

From now on, we will present promising music and stages, interview experts and raffle attractive prizes. We give advice and tips, provide information and present selected answers from our brand partners to the challenges of the live industry. From rock’n’roll to financials and insurances – let’s highlight all the topics that definitely should be taken seriously if you don’t want to get lost in the digital age of booking.

Where Do You Get the Know-How That Will Help You Get Ahead?

It’s a people’s business. You mainly get the know-how that will help you get ahead in practice and in exchange with other people. The reason why we do this blog anyway is simple. You have talent yourself. But when it comes to know-how, everyone can use support. Having an idea before you put it into practice makes it easier for everyone. That’s why not only we advise the community:

gigmit blog logo

1. Find out more!

2. DIY as much as possible! At least as long as you can’t or don’t want to pay others to do it.

3. Get connected and work together!

That’s the credo in the new gigmit blog as well as in the analogue world.

Share Industry’s Knowledge

Within the gigmit blog we share the knowledge of the live industry. Because especially creative people do not have it easy. The balancing act between art and commerce isn’t an easy one. Making music and earning money with it is difficult for many. There is no classic right and wrong here. Anyone who claims that he or she knows exactly how to build an artist’s career is lying. There is also no secret recipe for the perfect concert organization. However, what does exist is the knowledge of people who are in the live business and have gained experience. Sharing this knowledge is the aim of the gigmit blog to discover the digital age of booking.

Find And Filter

Filters and categories of the new gigmit blog
Filters and categories of the new gigmit blog

You can find out about current trends and developments on the gigmit product in the NEWS section. Booking tips and tricks are still available in the GUIDE. In the DISCOVER section, we post inspiring stories and advice from players who are on a promising path or have already made it. And if you like gifts and discounts, you’ll regularly be happy at WIN.

Using the filter option you can find the topics you are looking for: e.g. marketing and management tasks or music production. You’re looking for playlists or video content? Filter it! Everything that is relevant for promoters can now be filtered for promoters. Contents that are of particular interest to artists can be filtered for artists. If possible, the posts are always bilingual in German and English.

What Is the Digital Age of Booking?

Our present is closely linked to the possibilities of digitalization. That’s why the music industry is also changing. The most prominent example is the shift from the physical sale of music to streaming with all its possibilities – which is actually old hat. These developments always influence the way you organize your concerts.

Easy Access to Live

gigmit is playing a key role to discover the digital age of booking. We have built a live music community with an infrastructure that makes booking contemporary and easy. This opens up the business to everyone and takes it to the next level. Previously this was reserved for a few. This is a great opportunity for small acts and stages – but also for the established players who also have to react to the conditions of the digital age. The gigmit blog will keep you up to date on this.

Diversify the Industry

For us, the gigmit blog as a free round-the-clock product feature is also a contribution to the diversification of the live industry. We believe that a healthy industry needs diversity. And that includes fresh festival line-ups, small clubs and new music. The ever-same is not going to get us anywhere here. If the smallest units of this industry, the promoters and artists, are empowered to act independently the joint work will be (1) easier for everyone and (2) more sustainable.

Discover the digital age of booking: Fingers playing the keys of a piano and a computer
Master different keys: The digitalization of the music industry is both an opportunity and a challenge.

Work Less, Create More

The approach is similar for every post within the gigmit blog: the booking business is a jungle and the opportunities are enormous in the digital world. You make the music. You organize concerts. The gigmit blog tells you what’s relevant for your booking. If you can’t see the stage anymore because of all the digital trees we want to bring light into the forest of possibilities and illuminate what has remained undiscovered so far.

The Power of A Connected Community

It is important to us that the articles are understandable and offer you added value. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions for the gigmit blog, just write to us at hello@gigmit.com.

The gigmit blog is for us, for the gigmit community.
Stay tuned and up-to-date. Enjoy reading the gigmit blog!