Dec 09, 2022


We are excited to announce that leading Swiss promoters act entertainment ag are entering into an exclusive partnership with gigmit. Through this partnership, we will be able to support and push Swiss artists in new and diverse ways, and build a bridge to exciting new opportunities for gigmit artists! Read all about it below…

An exciting new partnership with act entertainment ag

Basel/Berlin – act entertainment ag, one of the leading promoters in the Swiss entertainment industry, is entering into an exclusive cooperation with “gigmit”. This will involve events such as Summerstage Festival and the booking agency “Action booking“. Act entertainment ag is taking important steps towards using data to better develop artists and events in the Swiss market.

With over 300 shows a year, act entertainment is one of the most important organisers in the Swiss entertainment market.

For 30 years, the team has organised musicals, concerts, shows, open-air events, festivals, concert tours and corporate events throughout Switzerland.

In addition, Action Booking represents international and national bands and DJs in Switzerland. In addition to bands like 77 Bombay Street, Anna Rossinelli, Dodo, Rita Roof, Johannes Oerding, Eisbrecher etc, Action Booking also takes care of DJs like Loopido, The Niceguys, Bowser, Patric Pleasure and many more.

As part of the collaboration, gigmit also offers artists a slot at Summerstage Basel on 01.07.2023 for the coming festival season, which you can apply for now here!

Summerstage Basel: Home for any music lover

The Basel Openair Summerstage focuses on the idea of strong local connections and has been held annually since 2011.
Since its second edition in 2012, the openair has taken place in the idyllic setting of Park im Grünen.

During the festival, music lovers can enjoy a varied, first-class musical programme in the open air with first-class local, national and international musicians. And all this at fair prices and for young and old.

On the festival grounds you will find a large stage, a VIP grandstand, festival benches with seats, band merchandising and food and drink stands and bars.

Cosy, rocky, romantic, bluesy, poppy, melancholic: there’s something for everyone at Summerstage Basel!

Apply now!


Catchy melodies, characterized by polyphonic singing

This year, treasured gigmit band Ginger and the Alchemists took to the stage and blew the crowd away! The Swiss group boast catchy melodies, characterized by polyphonic singing and underscored by ethereal sounds.

Inspired by the feeling of freedom in the endless landscapes and vast regions of the far north, Ginger writes expressive, authentic songs. Accompanied by the alchemist collective the dynamic lends the powerful compositions a matt golden shine through mutual reactions and the clash of elements.


We are super excited to see what the future holds for this partnership. It is an important step in the right direction for both parties!

“We are extremely happy to have found such an important and future-oriented partner in Switzerland. Through the partnership, we enable promising acts to be supported and built up in Switzerland. With the two really great festivals Summerstage and Greenfield, we can now also build the bridge to a world of fresh and diverse acts on gigmit.”

– says Marcus Fitzgerald, CEO of gigmit 

“I love gigmit’s Vision. It’s super easy to use and really helpful! I think it’s something every artist should use.”

– says Thomas Dürr, CEO of act entertainment ag.


You can currently participate in gigmit on the crowdfunding platform and profit from the company’s development. Learn more here!