Mar 02, 2021

gigmit FAQ: How Can I Get A Gig? Filter Matching Opportunities!


You have successfully registered on gigmit and are ready for some live shows. A warm welcome! But how can I get gigs? The offer is large. In order to find the right one, we have developed a filter system that helps you to find the right offers for you.

The Reality of the Live Music Market

You ask yourself “How Can I Get A Gig”. And the answer is today it’s way easier than in the early days of the music industry. But whether you get a gig via gigmit or not, depends on many factors which correspond exactly to the reality of the market:

  • How active are you? How often do you apply to gigs?
  • Do you market yourself in a great way? Is your Artist Page completed?
  • How much experience do you have? How many gigs did you play already?
  • Is your fee expectation realistic?

To get some insights into the great topic of how to get booked we designed the gigmit Live Booking Guide for you. Please have look and learn more about the market and its rules.

How to get booked: gigmit live booking guide
How to get booked? Get the gigmit Live Booking Guide

“How Can I Get A Gig” – “Filter & Apply!”

1. EPK

In the beginning, it’s an excellent idea to spend some time on your Electronic Press Kit, your Artist Page. The more complete it is the better are your chances for your next booking!

2. Gig Search

Then go find your next gig! When using the gig search, you can use the filters to find the gigs that are right for you. The most important filters are Location, Timeframe and Genres. gigmit offers for example a wide range of genres and therefore some gigs might not fit your music. So using gig search filters gives you the right gigs for your performance! We introduced a feature to save filter sets applied in the gig search. You now be able to check for matching gigs by saving your favourite searches and applying them again later on. Some of the gigs on our platform will be PRO only opportunities meaning you will need to upgrade if you want to apply to these gigs. If you haven’t already, you can start your gigmit PRO free trial and have full access to all the opportunities on our platform!

How to filter gigs:

  • log-in
  • click on “Gigs
  • click on “Filter” top right and modify your search
  • click on the floppy disk symbol at the top to save your search
  • type a title
  • savebanner: gig page

3. Apply!

Now you just need to apply! Send off as many applications to gigs as you can. The more applications you send, the more likely you are to find a gig! And don’t be disheartened if things don’t work out right away. It can sometimes take some time to land gigs, but if you’re persistent and keep your updating your EPK, the opportunities will certainly find you!


4. Make use of the Festivals and Venues Database!

As a PRO user, you will have full access to the Festivals and Venues Database. With the F&V Database, you have access to reliable contact information for promoters and venue owners all over the world. Instead of waiting for the right gigs to come to you, you can go out and find them yourself! It is the ultimate networking tool! having the option to create gigs for yourself and be proactive in your networking will greatly increase your chance of landing gigs. Sound interesting? Well you can try out gigmit PRO for free and gain full access to the F&V database today!

PRO TIP: Stay up to date by checking your new gig opportunities, emails and messages at least once a week!


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