Aug 26, 2020

The gigmit Live Booking Guide: How to Get Gigs Part 1


You are here because you want to know how to get more and better gigs? Very good. You are not alone with this question. Even before the launch of this platform we were already thinking about this topic – and came up with gigmit.

Now we’ve written down the answers for all gigmit PRO users in an unprecedented live booking guide: What is booking? How does the live business work? And how can you make your life easier?

I read the guide and really loved it. It has a lot of good points for me to use with my music and project.
Although because I’m located in Israel it will be harder for me to book gigs all around the world.
I still can work around online shows and getting my music heard on all kinds of platforms. So I’m going to use it as I go along with developing my project.

– Tomer George Cohen

What Is Booking?

Booking – getting artists on stage – is the core business of the music industry. About 70% of the income in the music market comes from the live industry. Artists generate as much as 80% of their income through concerts. Playing live has become a fundamental factor in an artist’s career. The competition is fierce. If you want to play a serious role in the music market, you need to know how the core business works. This is the aim of the gigmit Live Booking Guide.

How to Get Gigs?

The gigmit Live Booking Guide helps you to understand how the live booking business works and how to get more gigs. We have made this first part of the guide as comprehensive and detailed as possible. So it’s not just about a basic overview and the music market, but also about financing ideas, communication and tour planning.

What Part Does gigmit Play?


Through the Booking Guide, you will also be able to better understand the role of gigmit in the booking business and how you can benefit from using the platform. Our aim is to make your booking as easy as possible and thereby diversify the live music landscape. In each chapter we also explain selected gigmit product features and functions – and the problems we aim to solve thereby.Logo: gigmit PRO

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gigmit Live Booking Guide

Table of Contents

Cover: gigmit ive Booking Guide

1. Who Does the Booking?

1.1 Artist Booking 🧑‍🎤     1.2 Club Booking 🏢     1.3 Festival Booking 🎡     1.4 Local Promoters 🎯
1.5 Summary: Bringing Together Different Perspectives

2. The Live Music Market & Being Proactive


gigmit Live Booking Guide

3. The Information Cycle

3.1. Information Artists Need From Promoters 🎛: Venue Infos 🚏 | Conditions 📋 | Tech ⚙️
3.2. Information Promoters Need From Artists 🎭 : USP 🏵  | Fanbase 🤘 | Rider 📋
3.3 The Contract 📄 : Fees & Taxes 💯  | Guest List 👯 | Cancellation 🚫 | Jurisdiction Clause 🖋
3.4 Summary: Merge Standard Communication

4. Monetisation

4.1 Types of Fees 💸 : Fixed Fee 💵 | Door Deal 🚪 | Guaranteed Fee 🏦 | Donation 🤲 | Varieties of Fees 👓
4.2 Perseverance 🧘
4.3 Sources of Income 📥 : Tickets 🎫 | Royalties 🧮 | Recordings 📀 | Merchandise 👕 | Sponsorships 🤝 | Funding Programs 🔋 | Crowdfunding 🙌 | Competitions & Contests 🏁
4.4 Summary: Tough Job To Make Instant Money

I have only just read through the booking guide you sent over and have immediately gained some useful information particularly with regards to touring. […] it’s been very informative and I cannot fault it.

– Natalia from Sun, Moon & Talia

5. Tour Booking

5.1 Planning Phase 📐
5.2 Booking Phase📱: The DOs & DON’Ts of How to Approach A Promoter 💡
5.3 Promo Phase 📣 : Content Is King 📦 | Coordination ✌️ | The Power of Digital Marketing 📈 | Promo Timeline for Small Tours of Up-And-Coming Artists ⏱
5.4 Touring Phase 🚌
5.5 Accounting Phase 🖇
5.6 Booking Like A Pro: Let Us Be Your Digital Helper

gigmit Live Booking Guide

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