Sep 21, 2021

How Networking And Collaboration Can Lead To Success!


In today’s industry networking and collaboration are two fundamental aspects of a successful music career. It’s often difficult to get in the right network, and collaborate with the right people. This ultimately can undermine the possibility of breaking through in the long run. For this reason, we would like to share with you some tips on how to improve this aspect of your career. Enjoy!

Networking and collaboration can be incredibly helpful in establishing a successful career, but many musicians fail to implement a few tricks that could help them achieve their dreams. Here’s a couple of tips about how Networking and Collaboration can lead to success:

1) Always Network and Collaborate wisely! Use your energies and time with the right people at the right time.

Before collaborating with another musician or entering a network of people, understand what your needs are. Establish short, middle, and long-term goals and find musicians/people in the industry that can help you get there. This doesn’t have to be a cold practice, on the contrary it’s more likely that once you find the right people, considering the mutual interests, you’ll find yourself comfortable with your surroundings. A great way to network and find collaborators is with showcase festivals! You can read more about it here.

2) Cherish, Learn, and Study Your Desired Network and Ideal Collaborators!

No one wants people around that are looking only after themselves. Collaboration and networking can bring to success only when they’re two-sided. This is a general rule that applies strongly to the music community! When you’re sure about the people you want to work with, try to learn as much about their past, present, and future projects. This is fundamental because it shows that you’ve dedicated time and energy to learning about and from them! Studying the people you admire will ultimately lead you in the right direction, help you understand how their network is organised, increase your likelihood to appear in the right setting for networking purposes, and potentially lead to a useful exchange of conversations and emails. Interested in learning more about how to approach labels? Read more about it here.

3) Find the right promoter for your Music

It’s crucial to find the right promoter for your music. Pick the artists that get close to your sound, research their teams and promoters, and reach out to them in a professional fashion. The right Promoters can help you bring your sound to friendly ears that are likely to appreciate your craft. Make the most out of the little time and energy you have, research and find precise people to reach out to, and go for it! Don’t send emails around because this will probably waste everyone’s time, and often just be ignored. For this reason, take some time before in order to not waste it in the future. You can read more about how to find the right promoter here.

4) Understand what promoters want and compromise when possible

Compromise is inevitable, and very often, when embraced, it can be motivating and refreshing! You need to understand how promoters think and what they want in order to be appealing to their eyes. This can be very bothersome to some artists, but having the flexibility to build a dialogue with who organises these stages, shows, and festivals is a skill that can push you forward. Compromise also shows that you have the promoters’ interest at heart and that you’re not there to just play, do your thing, and disappear. Promoters take a risk on you, so trust their judgment and listen with an open mind when reasonable. Sometimes you’ll learn from them, and in the end it’s better to make some compromises and play instead of not playing at all. You can read more about what promoters are looking for here.

5) Be clear about the business side in order to do better music!

This is the last tip we have, but perhaps the most important. One of the main reasons why bands or groups break down is due to unclear communication that over time breaks the synergy present at the beginning. When you decide to establish a collaboration or business relationship with someone, make clear what the conditions you’re looking for are. As things become more professional, if you don’t establish clear lines, your collaboration may end leaving both parties empty-handed. It’s in both sides’ interest to be clear. For this reason, be transparent. Once clarity is established, all you need to think about is your music! A great way of networking and discovering new opportunities is through our new “CALL” feature. Read more about it here.

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