Sep 19, 2022

How to Make a Music Video

Music videos are an essential part of an artist’s success. Here are some tips on how to make a good music video, regardless of your budget.

Why do you need music videos?

Music videos are essential for fan engagement. With the development of TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube videos, fans no longer just listen to your music, they want to see it too. And music videos can be a good way to express your artist identity and visually stand out in the crowd. As a great bonus, videos perform better on social media and shorter formats of them could be used in TikTok or Instagram as a powerful promotion tool. Read more about the importance of music videos here

How to produce music video

Creating a music video might seem challenging, especially for upcoming artists. So here are some tips for producing a good video clip:


First things first, you need to start drafting a storyboard. It will help to clarify your initial vision and execute it better during the actual filming. Remember that wasted time can cost you money. Draft your ideas as different sequences in the right order.

Also, plan your budget, especially if it is limited. Give attention to details and ask your friends or family members for help.

Your identity

Music videos identify the way listeners and promoters will see you. Ask yourself what represents you as an artist, as well as your single?

It can be a specific location, outfit, playing with colour saturation or simply an object. Think outside the box to give your video a unique touch. A strong dose of creativity can help you to connect with people and be remembered, regardless of a budget. 

Scout a location

Think of a place where you want to shoot your music video, based on the theme of a track, the story you want to share, the song and your personality. Whether you shoot on the street, at home or in the basement – do not make it difficult for yourself. Save time and energy and avoid unnecessary travel plans. Invest in the idea and quality, rather than the location.

The equipment

The equipment you need will depend on the budget, overall idea and the quality of the video you want to produce. If you have a shooting crew, make sure they have the right equipment to fulfil their roles. If you are on your own, try using a tripod and smartphone with a 4K resolution feature. 

First takes

A good idea would be to film some sample videos with your phone to better visualise the concepts and ideas from your storyboard. A draft video can be abstract- you can just film surroundings or create a time-lapse. 


How to make a music video

As soon as you have chosen a location, do different takes to capture the right moment.

Track shots you have completed and aim for a couple of good shots of each scene so you have options. Think about the lightning: use it to your advantage to change the look or the overall image.

If you have a strict budget, think about shooting outdoors for good natural light.


Finished the shoot? Find a good editing tool. Find a good editing tool like invideo and canva to create the best video with the help of AI video editor. Avoid using excessive special effects as it can be distracting for the audience. If you are doing it by yourself, try editing small takes first, watch tutorials and be patient. 

Stay true to yourself, focus on things you like, and your fans will follow. There are no fixed rules on how to make a music video or what should be included in it. The most important thing is that your video represents you and your ideas in an authentic way. 

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