Nov 15, 2022

Ibiza Global Radio expands into Madrid

Ibiza Global Radio is continuing its international expansion as it announces an exciting new collaboration with renowned Spanish-language broadcasting conglomerate, Grupo Prisa, aka PRISA

Ibiza Global Radio expands into Madrid!

Ibiza Global Radio Logo

This year, Ibiza Global Radio will be starting an exciting new project in Madrid with broadcasting group PRISA. PRISA’s radio division is the largest Spanish-language radio group. It has around 22 million listeners in Spain and Latin America. Similarly, their high quality content has quickly excelled it to become one of the most important educational media groups in the Spanish-speaking world.

PRISA’s global brands include:

  • Santillana
  • W Radio
  • AS Cadena Ser
  • LOS40
  • ADN Radio 

Reaching a global audience of 700 million people!

In exciting news, Ibiza Global Radio will be partnering with PRISA’s broadcasting platform, LOS40. The goal: to introduce the largest station in Ibiza into Madrid and beyond.

LOS40 Dance is the leading dance radio station in Spain, making it a perfect partner for the party isle’s leading radio station. 

Ibiza Global Radio Festival

Beach Beats: An exciting new Ibiza Global Radio initiative!

Crucially, this collaboration will bring about a new programme known as “Beach Beats”. Every day, Ibiza Global Radio will take over prime time LOS40.  Boasting a line-up of DJs to provide a direct window into the world of Ibiza, this will be an event you won’t want to miss. The programme will focus on the best electronic music to capture the essence of what Ibiza is all about.

The network boasts a global social media following of 51.7 million users! Fundamentally, this spans across the LOS40 profiles dedicated to its countries of transmission, popular shows and top hosts.

“Beach Beats” will be the first step into a major international expansion. Therefore, spreading the music of Ibiza further afield as well as developing electronic music events in Madrid.


“Our new partnership with Grupo Prisa is a very important step in the development of the Ibiza Global Radio brand in Spain and South America. We are proud to partner with a renowned broadcaster and expand our reach on the continent.”

— Daniele Luppino, CEO and General Manager of Ibiza Global

Interestingly, Ibiza Global Radio also hosted their own festival. The festival pulled in over 20,000 electronic music lovers for an unforgettable party. You can read the full article about the festival here!

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