Dec 16, 2022

Instagrid: Powering gigs in unique locations

Ever dreamed of playing a gig out in a forest, on a boat or on the beach? Well with Instagrid, this is possible! Instagrid provides a compact portable power source system which can be used by artists to play anywhere, anytime, even without access to electricity. The perfect tool for gigmit artists looking to play cool shows in unique locations!

What is Instagrid?

Instagrid is a company who, through the use of cutting edge technology, have created the world’s most advanced high-powered portable batteries.

Instagrid is the perfect tool to power events and projects that require high amounts of energy.

By freeing their customers from the restraints of grid electricity, Instagrid are changing the game when it comes to portable power.

Instagrid power system

But what does this mean for the music industry?

Well, by using Instagrid‘s innovations, concerts, events and festivals in remote locations have suddenly become more than just a dream. Instagrid is used to power musical events in places where they would usually be impossible.

Whether it’s out in a forest, a beach or on a boat, the live-music scene has begun its next evolution.

The Secret Garden Party

The Secret Garden Party is an independent UK festival that takes place in Abbots Ripton near Huntingdon.

The festival takes place on part of the grounds of a Georgian farmhouse, with lakes, rivers and beautiful landscapes as one of its main selling points. However, the lakes, rivers and beautiful landscapes do come at a cost.

The Secret Garden Party requires extensive building work, so constant and consistent power is needed.

Instagrid solves this problem by providing efficient, effective and consistent power to the workers who prepare the festival and then also help to power the festival for the party!

Check it out for yourself…

Instagrid for gigmit artists

So why is Instagrid relevant to you? Well, gigmit have decided to team-up with Instagrid to give gigmit artists the opportunity to perform at in unique locations.

That’s why, to demonstrate the power of Instagrid ONE max, we’re bringing artists from different backgrounds to perform in beautiful, unique and usually silent scenery, such as lakes or mountains.

Participants will get a professional video production of themselves they can use after, and compensation! 

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