Jan 21, 2022

Invite Your Band Members! Our 200,000th User Wins 1-Year gigmit PRO


To celebrate the upcoming 200,000 user mark, we’re giving away 1 year of gigmitPRO to the 200,000th user.

You want 1-year of gigmit PRO for free? Then simply invite your band members to your gigmit profile! In this article, you learn how to.

Who Is gigmit’s 200,000th user?

Woohoo! After almost 10 years of activity in the live music business, our community has grown and is very close to 200,000 users! First, we want to thank you for your trust and support in gigmit by giving away a 1-year PRO membership to our 200,000th user! And this also applies to existing artist profiles!

You want to get one year of gigmit PRO benefits for free, but you already have a profile on gigmit? No problem! By inviting your band members to join your artist profile, your project still stands and chance to win a 1-year PRO membership!

Invite Your Band Members and get 1-year gigmit PRO!

It’s that simple:

gigmit profile setting

  • Click on “User administration” and add new users! Simply paste their email addresses and click on “send invitation”. Invite users to your gigmit profile

By adding new members to your profile, you automatically stand a chance to win the gigmit PRO competition. It also grants additional people access to your profile! This makes sense if you want to split the work within your band members, or if you’d like to hand over your bookings to a booking agent, a manager or more.

Additionally, if you own several email addresses and would like to get notified on all of them OR switch to another, you can add it to your profile!

The 200,000th gigmit user will be informed by email. Good luck!

What Is gigmitPRO?

You want to take your music to the next level? Expand your reach, use cool features and enjoy exclusive gig offers? Then go for it! In principle, gigmit use is free of charge. Our vision is a diverse music industry because music always deserves a chance – no matter where it comes from. That’s why, with gigmit, we’re removing gatekeepers by giving all artists the same chance of getting booked! Bringing appropriate music to the world’s coolest stages becomes easier!

Logo: gigmit PROgigmit PRO is our premium offer for the further professionalisation of your artist career at a low cost. As a PRO user, you enjoy numerous advantages such as the access to all gigs on the platform, a better ranking within gig applications, the access to our Festival & Venue database, exclusive benefits in partnership with brands (Pieter Smit, Ditto, Budget Music Video, …) and even a better chance to get a booking from Sony Music Germany.

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