Jun 18, 2020



You are not alone! In our #stayhome series “NOT HOME ALONE” gigmit presents good ideas from selected brand partners that will ease any Corona-related live restrictions. All of this with plenty of tips for DIY applications, discounts, competitions and suggestions on how to keep the music playing in your home.

Today: Get your new release on the radio with MPN, the digital sampling platform where music editors* search for new releases! MPN provides gigmit Acts with some Germany-wide free promo.

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MPN Florian Heinrich
“Postman for releases”: Florian Heinrich

Airplay Instead of Concerts: Free MPN Promo 

Although this may look like a gig offer, it actually is a collaboration with our brand partner MPN to support artists by providing them with free promo. Now you are not able to perform live, you might have been working on a new release that could still use some professional promo? The Musik Promotion Network (MPN) is a known authority when it comes to music promotion. It has proven to be indispensable to big players in the industry as well as to almost all indie labels. Artists and promoters can use this network to tell the world about their new releases. Music editors use the platform to look for new releases. We talked to Florian Heinrich from MPN about our new collaboration. 

gigmit: Hi Florian, how hard have you been affected by the current pandemic? 

Florian Heinrich: In purely economic terms, I do have to say that we haven’t been affected that much by the consequences of the pandemic. As a digital platform, we can offer our services without any restrictions and continue to fully support artists and promoters in their work.

What does your work look like? 

The focus of our work is on digital sampling. Put simply: we are like a modern postal service that takes over the delivery of current releases. Only in this case not with physical sound carriers, i.e. CDs, cassettes or vinyl, but digitally. This has several advantages. It is not only cheaper than having to work with envelopes, postage and physical sound carriers that would have to be sent by post, but it is also much more environmentally friendly and, above all, the promos reach their destination faster. In addition, we pay great attention to data hygiene, so that all relevant information is available for the broadcast message (e.g. metadata, EANs, ISRC etc.).

Just like you standardize the data exchange between commerce, the media and the music industry, we at gigmit aim to do the same with regard to the booking process and the way concerts are being organised. What specifically do artists do in your case? 

An artist, promoter, label or band first registers with us and then sets up his release independently in the MPN. The album, single or track can then be released for sampling, regardless of whether it is a purely digital release or a physical release. 

Backend: Free MPN Promo

The costs of the sampling then depend on the size of the sample. How many institutions and music editors should have access to it? You can currently choose from 3,000 music editors. These include the German ARD, private radio stations, but also a large number of indie radios and bloggers. A campaign always lasts 90 days, after which the releases are no longer visible to the music editor on MPN. They can listen to the releases in full length and if wanted use them directly for their program planning.

20 gigmit Acts can now enjoy free promo through MPN. How did this collaboration with gigmit come about?

We found that if the creativity of musicians cannot be brought to the stage at this moment, the free capacities are necessarily used to produce new or existing material. New tracks are being created. On the way to bring these tracks to the radio, we as MPN can make our contribution. That’s how the idea for this cooperation with gigmit came about because at gigmit we can easily find those promising artists.

Apply now to the free promo offer of MPN here!

Symbolic Image: On air with free MPN promo

The closing date for applications is 1 July 2020.

Note: This promotion is only valid for MPN in Germany. The partners in Switzerland and Austria are excluded from the free promotion.

Take advantage of the possibilities of digital communication:
Take care of your sampling with MPN and your booking with gigmit!