Jan 18, 2021

Profile Activities Insights On Your New Dashboard


gigmit update: We introduced a module on your artist dashboard to show what’s happening on and through gigmit. Now, you can see who was on your page or who you have been recommended to.

Your New gigmit Profile Activities Insights

Maybe you have already seen it? You can now see the attention your gigmit artist page is attracting on your dashboard. Your profile activities insights are a new and free gigmit product feature which is automatically updated every day.

gigmit artist dashboard Therefore we show you 4 metrics:

  • Your artist page visits: How many visits you had on your artist page?
  • Your placements in artist search results: How often did you appear in artist search results?
  • Recommendations to promoters: How many times gigmit recommended you to promoters?
  • Bookmarks from promoters/artists: How often did you get bookmarked by promoters or other artists?

Know Who Is Interested In You

This new feature is available for every gigmit artist! With the new profile activities insights, gigmit PRO acts benefit in particular. They will also see the profiles that caused those activities such as view your artist page. This means that you can also track who exactly is interested in you. Take advantage and try gigmit PRO now 30 days for free!

Logo: gigmit PRO

Each metric gets collected and shown for the current week (Monday – Sunday) only and is updated once a day.

By adding the module we also slightly updated the layout of your Artist dashboard. Just login now and check out your new dashboard!

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