Oct 08, 2020

Pros And Cons Of Online Conferences & Showcase Festivals


In the wake of the pandemic, there were some changes in the execution of live events. Online events in particular have prevailed, which resemble offline events as much as possible, but of course also have some special features. This year, online conferences in particular play a major role for the live music industry, as for example at Reeperbahn Festival , Waves Festival , Live at Heart, Kontakt Belgrade and many more. The gigmit team attended several online showcases and conferences. We now present you the pros and cons of this new format. Spoiler alert: there are actually many advantages!

Let’s start with the cons, which are obvious

No exciting live experience

Unfortunately, we will not experience the charm of a live event.

  • First of all, we are missing out on the real live experience, the great atmosphere and the special excitement. 
  • In addition, any face-to-face opportunities are excluded. This reduces the chances of networking successfully and also of getting to know new people in general.

Get to know the technology

  • We first have to deal with the functionality of the online platform of the respective conference before we are fully operational. This can lead to some functions remaining unused. It all depends on how intuitive the platform is.
  • And while it can be positive that we can do other activities while following the online conference, there is an increased risk of distraction and we may not be able to pay full attention to an artist or panel.

Even if the networking part of a digital conference is in many ways inferior to the offline variant, there are also many pros

No standing in line

We avoid crowds and don’t have to rush from one place to another. This not only saves us a lot of time, but also avoids a lot of stress.

  • We will certainly not have to stand in line at an online conference and neither will we have to worry about finding a seat. In this way we avoid stress and can fully focus on the content of the online conference – that’s what we’re here for.
  • The same goes for the rushing from A to B that we all know from showcase festivals and conferences. Online it is possible to access everything at a glance.
  • The time we save enables us to watch a lot more talks and thus to get significantly more new input.

Clear view of the stage

While we can still access everything after the conference, we can also take advantage of the silence during the conference to fully absorb what has been said.

  • In retrospect, we have access to all talks therefore won’t miss anything. In contrast to live talk, we can pause, rewind, repeat, etc. – the best basis for taking notes and fully absorbing the knowledge conveyed.
  • What else? We avoid the live noise level and anyone blocking your view of the stage. In short: no people in front of us talking and distracting us from what is being discussed.

Asking questions and networking

An online conference enables us to ask questions and use the platform to explore new networking opportunities.

  • Questions can be answered afterwards. That way we have the opportunity to inquire about certain details, ask for an explanation or something else.
  • All contacts are available on the conference platform. All we have to do is write a message. This enables us to network after the conference via the chat function. However, this doesn’t work really well for most conferences yet.

Save time and money

Not only can we keep ourselves busy with the household while watching the conference, but we also save a lot of money.

  • While we’re watching the conference, we can do laundry or have a leisurely meal instead of having to gobble down a greasy sausage at the next food stand before the next appointment. Since online conferences can be integrated very well into the day. That way, we have the opportunity to see a lot more of them.
  • And last but not least, we are spared any expenses such as travel. All we need is internet access.


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