Apr 29, 2020

Q&A: FOCUS Wales vs. Coronavirus


“Don’t want to over saturate the music community here with live streams” – Sarah Jones, Programme Manager at the INES#festival FOCUS Wales, talked to us about having to postpone this year’s edition because of the Coronavirus. The international showcase festival and conference was originally supposed to take place in May, however, due to the current health crisis, October 7-10 has been set as the new date for the festival.

Sarah Jones - FOCUS Wales
Sarah Jones, Programme Manager at FOCUS Wales

gigmit: What happens to the line-up if you decide to postpone the festival rather than cancel it?

Sarah Jones: We have postponed FOCUS Wales 2020 due to the coronavirus, following government advice. So far we have booked 98% of the original artists for the new dates.

What are the main things you are currently struggling with?

As many industries are currently closed down, we are struggling to progress with some aspects of festival planning. We are also holding back on marketing, as it feels insensitive as this time. 

What tips do you have for artists at the moment? 

We have put together a resource page on our website for artists struggling at this time.

How is the music community reacting to this crisis in Wales?

The music community in Wales is a very supportive space. There has been lots of online activity, including live streams, and interviews as well as fundraisers such as this one: SXSW Bands Fundraiser

Is a digital edition a possibility for FOCUS Wales? 

This is a possibility for our festival, however as many record labels etc in Wales are already successfully live streaming shows, we don’t want to over saturate the music community here with live streams.

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