Apr 30, 2020

Q&A: PIN Music Conference & Showcase vs. Coronavirus


Based in Skopje, North Macedonia, PIN Music Conference & Showcase festival will be held in November. How is it like to plan a festival in times of corona crisis? PIN Festival Coordinator Gorjana Jordanovska answered some questions for gigmit.

Gorjana Jordanovska
Gorjana Jordanovska, Festival Coordinator at PIN Music Conference & Showcase
Photo: Nenad Trpovski 

gigmit: How do you think having that many shows and festivals taking place in Autumn due to coronavirus will affect your PIN Music Conference & Showcase?

Gorjana Jordanovska: PIN Music Conference & Showcase is the only conference and showcase event in the country so everyone is looking forward to it. The programme that we offer is very unique and all of this happens only once per year. On the other hand, we are not sure yet how many events will actually happen.

What are the main things you are working or struggling with currently?

Most of our events are postponed due to the coronavirus situation, so we’re currently working on our events that will take place at the end of the year and that’s PIN Music Conference & Showcase and Taksirat Festival.

What message or tips do you have for artists at the moment?

We know that this is a horrible situation for the artists, but use this time to be creative and put on a positive mindset. Make live sessions, make new music, make a plan for the future, practice your instrument, search where to apply to play, get in touch with promoters, make collaborations etc. 

How is the music community reacting to the coronavirus crisis in North Macedonia?

We are very happy that the community stayed very strong and supportive in this crisis. We communicate with festivals from all over the world 24/7, we participate in webinars, we follow instructions, we try to figure things out.
The City of Skopje recently started to organize live gigs in the neighborhoods during the police hours which are streamed and artists also get paid for that. This is one positive story we can share from our country. 

Many festivals and artists are trying to implement digital editions of their shows. Is it a possibility for PIN Music Conference & Showcase? Is this the future of festivals?

We haven’t yet dwell on this idea. We hope that the coronavirus crisis will be over by the Fall and PIN Music Conference & Showcase will take place on the planned dates. If things turn out differently then we may think of this alternative, but it’s still early for us to know.

Photo credits: Nenad Trpovski

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