Jan 25, 2022

Independent Musician Sam Shaky On His gigmit PRO Experience


Sam Shaky is using gigmit to look for different gigs and festivals. So far, the Finnish Alternative musician has been booked for 2 full tours in Germany and a showcase festival in Sweden. He says: “There’s no other service like this!”

Read here why Sam Shaky recommends gigmit PRO to other artists.

Sam Shaky – Don’t Play With the Devil

Sam Shaky‘s music circulates around themes of inner struggle and difficulties in love. While being abstract by design, his music echoes a relatability to common folk, with a depth of emotion, a big imagination, and real stories. This is the real story of his live booking and his gigmit PRO experience…

gigmit: What motivated you to use gigmit PRO

Sam Shaky: As an independent artist from a small music market like Finland, trying to break into another territory can be tricky. There is a lot of competition, and hard to know where to start if you want to get gigs abroad. Especially when you don’t have any connections or networks of your own. So my target market was from the start outside of my home country. After spending many days and nights surfing the internet regarding different promoters and DIY blogs on how to get gigs, I finally found gigmit. I think it was around 2017 or 2018.

What were the outcomes?

It didn’t take long when I got an opportunity to hit the road in Germany for a tour in Germany playing shows in Berlin, Hanover, Leipzig, Kiel, Dresden and Buxtehude. Touring in Germany opened more doors and get me a lot of new connections, and finally got me a management deal. Everybody knows that it’s not that easy to do a DIY tour but thanks to gigmit it’s been doable.

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I’ve had some really close calls. For me, those close calls don’t put me down but instead make me want to grind more. I believe that if you keep on trying, the opportunities will come, and they will happen.

Which gigs you’ve been booked for?

I’ve been booked for two DIY tours and now Future Echoes showcase festival. I’ve had some really nice close calls but better luck next time. The quality and amount of gigs that I’ve applied and have landed have been really good.

gigmit Experience by Sam Shaky
“There is no service like this!” – Sam Shaky’s gigmit Artist Page

Do you use all gigmit PRO features?

Now we’re building my live show, and there are all these cool new features like Festival & Venue Database, where you can search for venues in certain areas. I love this feature. You can see that gigmit is really growing. When I started using gigmit, there were no venues from Finland. Now there are over 70 venues to contact.

Why would you recommend other acts to subscribe to gigmit PRO?

There’s no other service like this. When working with a small team and you don’t have a booking agent, then gigmit is the perfect tool for you. It saves so much time when you don’t have to search different places and do all the background checks if your act is suitable and where to get all the contact info.

All the people I’ve been talking to within gigmit are passionate professionals who are easy to work with.

It gives you more time to work on your craft and make a killer show!


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