Jun 22, 2021
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For Music Makers On the Move: SoundID Reference


It’s hard to tell what music really sounds like unless you can enjoy it in the ideal listening situation. Every pair of headphones has a special signature sound that changes the tone. SoundID Reference by Sonarworks is a tool that eliminates this effect. Learn more about a software which we recommend especially to music creators who are on the road a lot.

The Ideal Monitoring Situation

Yes, times were and are not easy for musicians – it’s just not as nice to play within your own flat as it is with the band on a festival stage or in a spacious studio. For producers, too, it has become increasingly important to make the best out of the less than ideal monitoring situation. If you mix with headphones or are on the road a lot, SoundID Reference by Sonarworks is a sound calibration software you should take a closer look at – or listen to…

The Tool

Mixing and mastering is a science in itself. But even non-professionals can hear a clear difference immediately with the SoundID Reference app which is easy to install on Mac or Windows. It’s all about a flatter, truer sound. The special colouration of your headphones is virtually undone by SoundID Reference.

For example, some headphones emphasise bass, cut treble, and make for an overall warmer sound. This can have a negative effect when mixing and mastering because the finished sound product will sound completely different on any other headphones or system.

Full Confidence in Sound: The software calibrates your speakers and studio headphones, so you can trust that every mix will translate. Find out more and download the free trial here.

Audio Work On the Go

When you’re producing or auditioning music for DJing, you want to know what it really sounds like. For this purpose, SoundID Reference by Sonarworks is a suitable and highly acclaimed tool that allows you to do audio work on the go, even with earbuds.

Summer Sale

Sonarwork’s Summer Sale goes live on the 1st of July 2021. Make sure you don’t miss 30% discounts on selected SoundID Reference products

  • to work and switch seamlessly between your devices, studios, and projects
  • to continue your workflow regardless of distance, gear, or set-up
  • to make better and faster mixing decisions

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