Sep 16, 2022

What Is A Promoter?

gigmit is designed to make the work of artists and event organiser easier. Find out what a promoter is and how gigmit contributes to get you the most out of your promoter’s profile.

What is a promoter?

Music promoters play an important role in the music industry. Some artists are not able to understand the value that event organiser brings. So we are here to clear everything up for you. 

A music promoter is an event organiser who coordinates artists and venues. From finding talents and booking a venue to promoting the event and beyond, gigmit helps you manage the entire process.

What is the role of a music promoter?

The role of a promoter seems very simple – to promote artists. But in reality, the music industry is really hard to get into. Promoters essentially need to be able to find perfectly matched artists for a certain venue: local or international. With gigmit Fan Charts, promoters can see how far artists are in their musical career and if they have the potential to grow based on their streaming data. Also, event organisers can now use personalised filters to find out which acts of the desired genre are the most popular in their city by simply filtering them. Read more about Fan Charts here.

What does a music promoter do?

Promoters have a wide range of roles, but mostly they are responsible for:

  • Contacting artists or booking agents to agree on a date for a performance.
  • Booking a venue on an agreed date.
  • Negotiating a deal and completing the contract.
  • Promoting the upcoming gig.
  • Making sure everything the act needs is in place – the stage equipment, accommodation, travel, etc.
  • Running order of the show.
  • Event organisation and selling tickets.

With gigmit, as an event organiser, the booking process is easy and you do not need to review every single application. With different filters, you can choose exactly the type of acts that make sense for your event (location, Facebook followers, Spotify listeners, social media presence). Also, gigmit generates an automatic contract that will include all the details mentioned in your deal. You can choose to send out an “automatically generated contract” or to send out your own personalised contracts to your artists.

How does a music promoter make money?

Music promoters earn money from events through their cut of the profits. Usually, a promoter’s salary varies significantly depending on the arrangement with the artist and the tickets sold. And if you are an independent event organiser, your salary is defined by ​​the number of shows you put on and the quality of them. 

How do you become a music promoter?

Promoters start by wanting to put on the shows they want to see. They often find that their local music scene isn’t putting on gigs they like and they do something about it. 

You first need to have a good understanding of the local audience in your area and their music needs. You then need to find an artist that will draw in a strong local crowd and put them in the right venue to make it happen.

Remember, a promoter’s job requires lots of effort and you need to be passionate about the music industry and people involved in it. Building good relationships with your local music promoters is really important and ultimately very beneficial. We encourage you to complete your gigmit promoter account and book acts for gigs and calls with no headache. We provide you with analytics that help you get to know your audience better. The gigmit marketing team is happy to support you by promoting your event during the application phase and after. We inform our artist community and other potential acts about your event via email marketing, social media and ads.

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