Apr 26, 2024

What is gigmit & Why You Should Use it

Moving away from Traditional Booking with gigmit

Traditionally, booking has been done through two ways:

(1) If you are lucky, you find an agent who is representing you in exchange for 10 – 30% of your earnings on live gigs. Only about 1% of the artists out there get that chance, and unfortunately there are many stories where artists have been exclusively represented and still not been successful. If you are really successful, it could get quite expensive. Artists with annual earnings of 100,000€ on live gigs pay up to 30,000€ to their agent.

(2) The second way is DIY and that requires a lot of time, management and sales skills. What DIY artists usually do is researching all venues and festivals, drafting an Excel sheet, sending out mails and messages, and hoping for answers. In 99% of the cases, they remain unanswered.


To support the two ways – OR maybe call it a third way – there are booking platforms like gigmit.

While there are about 100 booking platforms out there in the world, gigmit has made it possible to offer by far the biggest number of gigs in a professional environment (meaning festivals, clubs and live music venues more so than weddings or corporate events).


What a booking platform differentiates, is that contacts are already researched and filterable, and promoters who are actively looking for artists can post gigs. Your chances to get booked actually increase.

DJs on stage

No More Gatekeepers: An Open Network of Festivals & Clubs

At gigmit in particular, we offer – on top of direct access to festival and club bookers – an Artist Page (EPK) that we developed with over 100 bookers to put all important information the clubs and festivals need in one page. This is entirely free for artists and can be created in seconds, and can be synced to your socials and streaming platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.).

On top of that, gigmit offers an ever-growing contact book – the Festival & Venue Database. Thousands of festivals, clubs and venues are listed there, and can be filtered by genre or city for you to contact. This database is updated weekly using artist-generated data. 

Our team even developed a built-in CRM tool to see if the messages you send have been opened or read.

Our newest development here is the “Recommended for you” button that shows you matching venues and festivals based on your profile information.


Of course at the heart of gigmit there are the Gigs & Calls. Every week festivals and clubs open new opportunities and artists can apply for them. Most of them can now be applied for in one click.

Our latest addition is the Automatic Applications, which makes it possible for you to get automatically matched with calls that fit your project. That way, you save so much time searching for opportunities, and can focus on making music!


gigmit is kind of a booking assistant just for you and takes away all the hassle.  


An overview about all features can be seen in the video from our CEO & Founder: 

If you are facing any struggle, simply email our team at support@gigmit.com.

Create your Artist Page for FREE here, and start enjoying gigmit.