Aug 19, 2022

Why MENT Festival is the ULTIMATE Showcase Festival

MENT Festival 2023 is a Slovenian, international showcase festival for emerging musical talent. With the festival drawing closer, this blog article will tell you everything you need to know about the festival!

What is MENT Festival?

MENT Festival is a music discovery festival/conference that celebrates international talent and creativity. Returning for its 9th edition, the festival is looking for new talent to play at its 9th edition in March 2023. Taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the festival celebrates international diversity as well as musical diversity. In previous years, MENT Festival has compiled talent from all over Europe, and as far as the USA and beyond.

In its most recent event in 2022, the festival brought together more than 70 acts from 24 different countries. These acts included local boyband .travnik, French singer Oklou and kindergarten teacher turned rapper, Alyona Alyona.

Drummer at MENT Festival 2019

Apply for MENT on gigmit

The three-day festival is inviting bands and solo performers to apply for a chance to join the line-up. To apply, all you need to have is an updated gigmit artist page and a passion for music!

To apply, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head over to 👉 and create your Artist Profile. If you already have one, simply log into it! (A full guide on creating your artist profile can be found 👉 here)
  2. Head over to 👉 the MENT gig page, click on “Apply now” and fill out all the required information.
  3. Be responsive! Reply to any questions or emails the festival may ask you.

Band at MENT Festival 2019

Why MENT Festival?

MENT Festival focuses on nurturing upcoming artists and helping them create industry connections. It is a critically acclaimed and award-winning festival. All applications are completely free, and no credit card is required during the process.

What is Ljubljana like?

MENT Festival 2023 will take place in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. As well as being the host of the event, Ljubljana boasts breathtaking cityscapes and beautiful hikes in one of the greenest cities in the world. There is plenty of accommodation available, however, the city is often very busy so if you plan on playing/attending, we recommend you sort out your accommodation as soon as possible.

There are lots to do and see around the city, from scenic hikes to traditional Slovenian restaurants, and what’s more, with a MENT Festival wristband, all public buses are free of charge, so you can roam the city as you please!

Crowd at MENT Festival 2019

What people say about MENT

While showcase festivals sometimes lose a certain energy due to the focus on industry connection, MENT was clearly sculpted by a team of passionate music lovers and truly felt like an event focused on musical discovery and forming new friendships… This Clash writer was pushed out of their comfort zone and urges everyone to do the same. For a true adventure in musical discovery and culture, book yourself some tickets and take a trip to the next MENT!

— Oshen Douglas McCormick, Clash Magazine, 2022


The three day music discovery festival may be seemingly hidden away in Ljubljana, but its connectivity with the rest of the world is something which many larger, global events could learn from, particularly those in the UK. Though the festival concentrates on celebrating the best of local, regional and Eastern European scenes, artists from all over the continent, and now the US, are on the line up. For fans of fringe genres across the world, MENT is certainly an event worth attending; musicians are free to test the waters and experiment with new ideas and are welcomed to do so.

— Maddy Smith, The Line Of Best Fit


To conclude, MENT Festival is the perfect opportunity for artists to showcase their talent. The festival’s focus on music industry and creativity means it is a great way to meet like minded artists as well as industry professionals. The application process is very straightforward, so if this sounds like it might suit you, don’t hesitate to apply here.


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