Apr 11, 2022
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Lab News On the Most Innovative Coated Strings Ever Created


Wacky science and musical machines: These 3 clips show you what’s cooking in the D’Addario Lab and why their new strings are the most innovative coated strings ever created.

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XS Electric Never Fade Away

After the successful introduction of the innovative strings for acoustic guitar, mandolin, and 12-string – which we already reported on here – D’Addario now launches XS Electric. A great pleasure for all e-guitarists!

When you play XS, you benefit from

  • Full Film Coating that results in a smooth feel
  • Maximum Life output, and sustain for the longest coated strings ever

We tried it out and say WOW! But what’s behind the making of these really great strings? Spoiler: it’s wacky science and “musical” machines.

The Strumming Machine

This machine for example knows how to hold a pic. But no matter how evenly it plays. We still wouldn’t invite it to the studio.

D’Addario engages in a durability test to prove that the new XS strings feature the most durable coating on the market. Watch what happens when they expose XS and other coated strings to 10,000 strumming cycles. You’ll be delighted by what you see.

Sweat Science

It’s okay if you sweat when you play. So far, your strings have seen it differently. XS resists sweat longer.

Here we look at how an all-new XS coated string resists corrosion compared to its uncoated counterpart. As you will see, the results speak for themselves.

Acoustic Damping Test

At some point, used strings sound dull and bad. XS last and sound longer.

This could be proven with this test setup. Here see how the all-new XS coated string fares in an Acoustic Damping Test. Spoiler alert: When you play XS Electric, your future is bright.

Get the Strings Out of the Lab!

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Learn more about D’Addario XS Electric here.
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