Apr 15, 2019

#showmeyourdigitals: Your New gigmit

April 2019

gigmit has developed further. From a little help for gig seekers to live music booking platform. And to an excellent network for artist discovery. Oriented towards your needs and those of the music industry.

In 2018 alone, we conducted around 400 interviews with musicians, A&Rs, bookers, promoters and other industry representatives. The question was: What do you wish for the future of booking? At the same time, we developed concepts for a user-friendly gigmit together with our users during the workshops in our office. The result of this work makes us proud because it is from us to us. And now it’s finally online: your new gigmit!

Your New Smart Artist Page

It not only looks great and is mobile-optimized, but also tailor-made to the needs of promoters and music business professionals.

“This is great and will help out in reviewing artists but also I feel in bands representing
themselves better and use the page more as a one-sheet for other purposes.”

Nicholas Otaegui – Festival Director @ Liverpool Sound City

  • Your profile now has its own URL and is publicly visible
  • You can spotlight highlights in your gig history
  • 1-click Spotify Top-5 Song Import
  • 1-click YouTube Video Import
  • 1-click discography import
  • 1-click Press Kit Download
  • Presentation of the contact details of your management, booker and publisher


“Mega! The contact area is awesome.
It is so helpful in scouting to see directly whether there is an environment, and if so, which one.
If only all sites would look like this…”

Niklas Tholen, Artist Manager, A&R @ Sony/ATV

Your New Dashboard

Your new dashboard shows your booking offers and statistics. This way you can find out what role you play behind the scenes and get to the gigmit sections that are important for you more quickly.

  • gigmit: let bookers find and book you on the platform or browse our gig offer yourself
  • Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES): apply with your new Smart Artist Page directly for all INES#festivals or as an INES#talent
  • gigmit blog: get empowered and take advantage of our blog sharing the people’s music industry know-how, tricks and wins.
  • SONY Music A&R cooperation: be presented as an exciting new act from the gigmit pool at regular listening sessions with the Sony A&Rs
  • Venue database: find contacts and get access to locations & venues with smart filters, map view and a mass mail function


Your Statistics

The final contract is only the last decisive link in a chain of booking processes. It is also good to know what happens behind the scenes. Your new statistics show you what was previously hidden:

  • How often was your page viewed?
  • What is the number of your appearances in the search results of promoters?
  • How often did the gigmit matchmaking suggest you to promoters?
  • Where are you in the listing of the gigmit database which is used by bookers?



Your new gigmit is also better for you because it is better for promoters and bookers. They can now see at a glance who you are and what makes you different. For them, besides your music, it’s interesting where you play and have already played, whether you are signed or not and what your social media, fan engagement and streaming statistics look like. They can download your press kit with 1-click, quickly find and contact your management, your booker or publisher and therefore can reach you outside of gigmit.

“Nothing to add on that! The number of fans gives us an immediate feedback on the artist’s size.
The contact area is more clear about if the band is DIY or have a team with them.”

Silvia Sardeira, International Coordinator @ Live at Heart

Contemporary booking can be easier and less stressful. For everyone. Thank you for using gigmit to help shape the future of live booking.
We are looking forward to your suggestions, compliments and criticism.
Send us an email to hello@gigmit.com.