Oct 12, 2022

25 gigmit artists playing at MaMA Festival 2022

MaMA Festival is one of France’s leading showcase festivals / music conferences. Read all about the 25 gigmit artists who are playing the festival this year!

What is MaMA Festival?

MaMA Festival and Conference is an annual event which takes place in the beautiful city of Paris, France.

Every year, thousands of industry professionals, media outlets, aspiring artists and music lovers attend the festival. The three day event boasts a jam-packed schedule of over 140 panels, keynotes, workshops, match-making sessions and much more!

MaMA Festival is often regarded by critics as the greatest French music gathering in the industry. 

The festival hosts three nights of music discovery in the most emblematic venues as well as some unique locations such as art galleries, cabarets, theatres. 

Live performance at MaMA festival 2022
© MaMA 2021 presskit (Artist: Crystal Murray)

Independent and major record companies, concert venues, festivals, producers, agents, managers, music publishers, digital services Companies, regional/local authorities, trade unions, broadcasters are amongst the professionals who attend.

As an aspiring artist, this festival is a prime opportunity to network with the big players in the industry, and find opportunities to further your career. 

The 25 gigmit artists at MaMA festival 2022

We are proud to announce that MaMA Festival 2022 will be featuring a plethora of gigmit talent! 25 of our top artists will be playing at the festival so if you’re attending, make sure to check them out!


gigmit artist SUN
French pop / rock artist Karoline Rose aka SUN

Among those playing is gigmit PRO artist, SUN.

SUN is an artist from France who combines pop songs with rock / metal influences. Her songs provoke the listener to think, with the mission of conveying a positive message of courage, hope and generosity.

Winner of FAIR 2021, SUN is preparing her second EP with Andrew Scheps, whose work for Adele, Beyonce, Metallica, RHCP or U2 has won 3 Grammy Awards.

You can check out her music here!


Moriah Woods

gigmit artist Moriah Woods
American folk musician Moriah Woods

Additionally, American folk artist Moriah Woods will also be taking to the stage.

Moriah Woods is an INES talent gigmit artist who has been selected for numerous opportunities through the gigmit platform.

Moriah’s core message is that “If we can recognize ourselves in each other, perhaps we can live more fully together in compassion rather than in solitary suffering.” 


To learn more about Moriah Woods click here!


Anna Majidson

gigmit artist Anna Majidson
Electro artist Anna Majidson

Former member of electro / r’n’b duo Haute, Anna Majidson is another gigmit artist who will be performing at the festival.

Now pursuing a solo career, Anna released a creative EP in 2022, and now in 2022 is ready to show the world what she’s all about. 


Check out her artist profile here!


MaMA 2022 Playlist!

As well as the artists already mentioned, there will be a further 22 gigmit artists playing at MaMA festival 2022.

If you’re interested in checking out the variety of gigmit artists playing the event, we’ve made a playlist featuring their songs!

Give it a listen and discover some new musical talent!