Jan 09, 2024

3 Inspirational Examples of Sustainability in the Music Industry

In a world where environmental consciousness is no longer a choice but a responsibility, artists are finding innovative ways to merge their creative pursuits with sustainable practices.

Gigmit teamed up with Roni Dot, Qica and Silvermouse to discuss how artists can embrace sustainability and adopt more eco-friendly approaches on tour. To check out our workshop click here: How To Be a Sustainable Artist

Roni Dot’s Eco-Friendly Groove and Instagram Engagement

In a world where art often comes with a hefty price tag, Roni Dot is shaking things up on Instagram. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes as she unveils the secrets of her latest music video – a showcase of how simplicity meets sustainability.

Roni’s approach is refreshingly straightforward as she ditches the typical glamour and opts for a green touch in her creative process. From using second-hand gems to rocking borrowed outfits, Roni Dot proves that going eco-friendly doesn’t mean compromising style or creativity.

Roni Dot's eco-movement on instagram

Join Roni in creating a ‘learning together’ mindset, where eco-friendly thinking becomes the new jam in our daily lives, effortlessly! Fueled by the positive feedback, Roni challenges her social media crew to swap styles with friends.

Let’s see the magic when sustainability and fashion hit the dance floor! Have a read of our blog: The Green Artist Checklist

Quica’s Stylish Statement in a Plastic Bag Ensemble to Eco-Inspire the Crowd

Qica hits the spotlight, rocking stages in a plastic bag to raise awareness on microplastics. Her killer outfit steals the show and makes it to the press in helsingborgsdagblad paper and sparking a sustainability revolution in the music scene!

Be creative and be fearless. Make it fun, get people talking and those small choices as an artist make a big difference in the long run.

But Qica’s not done yet – she’s challenging students to turn trash into art with school competitions. Qica’s on a mission to raise awareness for the next generation – the minds of the future!

Silvermouse Incorporates Purposeful Merchandise in the Music Industry

Silvermouse are becoming more and more sustainable through their lifestyle choices. In our latest workshop, Silvermouse enlightened us about their off-grid lifestyle and craft farm. With organic skincare and essential oils on the side, Silvermouse is contributing to turning the music scene greener.

Get your hands on ‘moon glow’ and ‘earth shimmer’ – the bio-degradable glitter that are sold at shows for fans to enjoy.


Silvermouse are on a mission to scout for environmentally friendly venues that generate their own power (where possible). In fact, Silvermouse mentioned in our workshop: How to be a more sustainable artist  that great venue discoveries have been made because of this. Turns out, rocking the stage can also mean rocking the planet in a positive way!

Silvermouse isn’t just making music; they’re making a sustainable statement! Dive into their eco-friendly merchandise world, where each item is crafted with ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly packaging. Not to mention, inspiring fans to join the sustainability movement.

Let’s reduce waste together, one eco-friendly beat at a time!

Digital Distribution and Streaming from Qica, Silvermouse and Roni Dot

These three artists aren’t just hitting high notes in live streaming, they’re also dropping the mic on transport needs! The COVID era showed us a new stage – your living room. Online streaming isn’t here to replace concerts; it’s a spotlight for fans at home and an encore for the environment by cutting down on the carbon footprint of physical music production.

In fact, gigmit are in the process of developing a virtual venue that offers a creative space to share music. So stay tuned for 2024! Learn more here about how CWPX helps creators with Web3, AI, Metaverse & NFTS and check out our latest gig to apply for the chance to performance in the Metaverse!

What we can learn form these artists is how many small changes we can make as an artist in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Most importantly, awareness is a crucial catalyst for positive change to happen.

Let your artistry echo positively, leaving a lasting impact on both your audience and the planet!

Didn’t get to watch our workshop live? Don’t worry! Click here to listen to what our panelists had to say…

In the dynamic world of music, artists can weave sustainability into their journey by adopting these practices. By integrating these steps into our day to day, we can proudly contribute to a greener world. Learn more as gigmit partner with Future of Festivals and embrace sustainability.


Inspired? Read our blog ‘The Green Artist Checklist

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