Nov 28, 2023

The Green Artist Checklist: 5 Steps for Sustainable Shows

In the spotlight of today’s entertainment industry, artists hold a unique power—the power to inspire change. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues, musicians and performers can play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future. Here is our checklist to help you organise more sustainable shows!

From concert stages to touring life, every decision we make as artists has an impact. Let’s explore a comprehensive checklist that empowers you to make eco-friendly choices, creating not just memorable performances but also contributing to a greener planet.


1. Transportation: Moving Towards Greener Journeys


You can be the change-maker by pushing Sustainable Transportation Options. Get your team and fans on the eco-train by suggesting public transport, carpooling, or biking to events. It’s not just a cool move; it shrinks the carbon footprint of your musical journey.

Additionally, including biking or electric vehicles in the transportation plan showcases a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint associated with travel. In fact, VeloConcerts offers amazing mobile stages. Read more here


organise more sustainble shows with VeloConcerts
Portable stage by VeloConcerts

Efficient tour route planning is more than just logistics—it’s a conscious effort to reduce travel distances between venues, making the tour itself a sustainable venture. In fact, gigmit is the perfect tool for that: the Festival & Venue Database helps all artists find and reach out to over 12,000 venues worldwide. You can use this feature to find shows to play on the way to your gigs. 


2. Waste Management: From Backstage to Beyond


Setting up clearly labelled bins for recycling, compost, and general waste during events ensures that waste is managed responsibly, contributing to a cleaner environment. By doing so, you can transform your backstage into a model of waste efficiency. Share your backstage efforts on social media, challenging other artists to do the same and turning the green room into an inspiration room!

Opting for reusable or compostable catering and merch materials not only reduces the environmental impact but also sends a powerful message about the commitment to sustainability. 

Offering eco-friendly merchandise, such as organic cotton T-shirts or reusable water bottles, allows artists to extend their commitment to sustainability beyond the stage. On top of that, it will resonate with environmentally conscious fans.

Here are some companies that produce eco-friendly merchandise for artists: (merch), (vinyl production), (vinyl production), (prints), (merch), (merch).

Let your fans know that every purchase contributes to a world with less plastic waste!


3. Resource Utilization: Creating Sustainable Experiences


Choosing stage design materials that are recycled or sustainably sourced adds an artistic touch to performances while making a positive impact on the planet. Each performance becomes a canvas, illustrating the beauty that can be created without harm to the environment!

Additionally, you can organise amazing concerts in extraordinary locations. Our partner JBL offers the perfect portable PA that will allow you to play anywhere. Check out more here.

Of course, the same goes for video production. In fact, you can follow the great example of our gigmit artist Roni Dot who successfully produced her latest video in a more sustainable way. Watch for yourself here.


4. Energy Consumption: Powering the Stage Responsibly


Committing to using renewable energy sources for personal and stage-related needs is a tangible step towards creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly artistic footprint.

For instance, you can invest in solar-powered equipment such as rechargeable batteries, portable solar chargers for electronic devices, and even solar-powered instruments!

sustainable show in nature


5. Sustainable Catering Options in Your Rider


Your rider isn’t just about preferences; it’s a menu for change. Requesting locally sourced and plant-based catering options not only promotes healthy eating but also supports local economies and reduces the environmental impact of food choices. On top of that, we recommend giving a closer look at the amount of portions you order. Being more conscious and reflecting on quantities will help reduce waste.

Transform Food into a Statement: share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your sustainable catering on social media, not just as a brag but as an invitation for others to follow suit. Engage with fans, encouraging them to explore local and sustainable food options in their own communities.

By adopting this comprehensive checklist, you can elevate your performances and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious entertainment industry. Together, let’s create unforgettable experiences that resonate not only with our audience, but also with the planet we call home!


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Did you know that gigmit is conducting a research project with Green Music Performance (GMP) that aims to find ways to create a greener live music industry?

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