Jul 22, 2020

5 Ways How To Setup A Social Distancing Gig


Social distancing and concerts are not incompatible. Now that open airs are available in many countries worldwide, there are more options for musicians to set up their own gigs. Here are a few ideas on where to perform while keeping your audience safe. 

#1 Set Up A Concert In Your Garden

Organising a social distancing gig in private property has a lot of advantages as it will significantly reduce the costs. Set up a stage area with a few seats for your guests. Invite your friends, family, neighbours and fans for an intimate live show that will bring you closer to your audience. Access to electricity and restrooms are definitely a plus.

Remember that even if the event takes place in your own property, you might still need to request a permit, as the show may disturb your neighbours. 

#2 Organise An Outdoor Concert In A Park

The best way to maintain social distancing is to play outdoor shows, and if possible in a rather big area. That’s what INES#talent Beranger has actually been doing for years in Mauerpark in BerlinPlaying in a park will allow you to draw a bigger crowd while maintaining social distance. 

Here are a few guidelines on how to organise this kind of events:

  • Make sure to request a permit from your city hall and parks are government-owned areas. 
  • Check out the weather and plan accordingly. You don’t want your audience and instruments to get soaked. That is why you should install some tents and bring something to cover the stage in case of rain. 
  • Make sure to have a good PA system and set up a stage. Try to find a cement platform to set up your stage as drums and amps can not be set up on the grass directly. If you are planning to perform on a lawn, then make sure to bring at least a few carpets to protect your instruments.


#3 Meet Your Audience In the Streets

The first step to playing a street concert is to check the city regulations. Busking is a step a lot of musicians went through. Since venues are still closed or reserved to a limited number of visitors, a good way to reach new audiences and get discovered is to perform street shows.

Make sure to find a source of electricity for the amps, lights and instruments. 

#4 Drive-In Gigs & Rooftop Shows

Another newer concept of making live shows happen again are drive-in gigs, where people can listen to your show from the safety of their cars. The concept is more common in the States, but also in Berlin there a new Autokino plans to show live performances. 

The Donauinselfest in Austria has another approach to make their festival take place. The stage is on a bus that is driving through the city and it hosts other acts on several dates over a longer period of time than the festival was normally supposed to take place – they call it summer tour. Technically this is not a rooftop, but definitely, an elevated stage on top of a bus for people to gather around outside.

Rooftop concerts on hotels or apartment buildings are next-level shows that also look great as a live stream. One example is a vertical concert series in Ukraine, where the band played on the top of a small building and people watched from balconies of a hotel on the other side of the street. Ukraine has been facing stricter Lockdown measures than Germany for instance. 

#5 Livestreams for 100% Safety

Meeting your fans online is, of course, the most efficient way to minimize risks. It is also a way to become more creative and to design your sound yourself. Istanbul-based musician Kalben shares her live streaming experience and ideas in our latest industry talk, make sure to check it out to get some ideas. 

And making money is not excluded! Many platforms actually give viewers the possibility to support the artists during their streams through donations or by selling merch. Make sure to promote the event on social media beforehand to gather as many viewers as possible.

Regarding the technical aspect, here is a list of recording tools and equipment you might need for your next livestreams.

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In Germany, indoor gigs are taking place again, but with strict restrictions, so the smaller stages in Bars and Pubs will be free to be played very soon, but the organizer needs to take care of certain safety measures and have a hygiene concept based on the local government policies. Stay up to date with current Covid-19 changes in the live music industry, here.

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