Nov 09, 2021

BOOTCAMP Phase 2: Apply To Gigs Like A PRO!

You have successfully registered on gigmit, completed Phase 1 of our Bootcamp, and are ready for some live shows! First of all, congrats for getting this far. Now… you’ll be asking yourself “How can I get gigs?”. The offer is large and sometimes it can be confusing. For this reason, we put together this guide that will help you navigate our platform and apply for gigs. In order to find the right ones, we have developed a filter system that helps you find the right offers catered to your needs, genre, and location. Let’s get started!

Where to start?

You’re probably asking yourself “How can I get a gig?”! As you know, you need to apply for gigs in order to land any gigs. Therefore, the process starts with a spectacular application that is targeted and appropriate to your needs, genre, location, and fan base. Thankfully today it is much easier to find valuable and matching opportunities compared to the early days of the music industry. But getting a gig depends on many factors which correspond exactly to the reality of the market:

  • How active are you? How often do you apply to gigs?
  • Do you market yourself in a great way? Did you craft the perfect artist page?
  • How much experience do you have? How many gigs did you play already?
  • Is your fee expectation realistic? How much should you ask?

Your Artist Profile (EPK)

In order to have any chance of getting booked for the gigs you’ll find, you need to have a professional Artist Profile. We showed you during phase #1 how to craft the perfect artist page. However, if you haven’t completed this part of the process yet, you can get started here. The more complete it is, the higher your chances of getting booked will be! You need a professional EPK to apply for gigs and be considered as a credible act. Take the time to complete this!

Find The Right Gigs And Apply!

Applying for gigs is like going on a date: Firstly, you need to get prepared to introduce yourself and find what matches you and the promoters. Secondly, you need to take the first step: Apply for gigs!

Now it’s time to start searching for the right gigs! When you use the gig search, you can apply filters that will help you find the right opportunities catered to your needs. The most important filters are Location, Timeframe and Genres. We offer a wide range of genres on our platform, therefore narrowing down your search to just the most important and relevant gigs will greatly enhance your application experience. Most importantly, only search and apply for gigs that have some form of relation to you! Certainly you don’t want to waste your time and the promoter’s time, or being rejected for inappropriate applications. In addition, once you create a filter setting that you find appropriate, you can store it and recall it. For example, you can save all the settings for each category, log into gigmit, and recall them at any time in the future. As a result, you won’t have to spend time thinking about the categories anymore and will be able to just get down to your gig search. All your stored settings will be in the top right side of the gig page in the “Saved Searches” area.

Filtering Features and Saved Settings
Filtering Features and Saved Settings


Filtering Section
Filtering Section

How to get started: 

  • Log-in
  • Click on “Gigs & Calls
  • Pick what type of opportunity you want between “Gigs” and “Calls”
  • Click on “Filter” top right and modify your search
  • Click on the floppy disk symbol at the top to save your search status and recall it in the future
  • Type a title for your search settings
  • Save it and recall it in “Saved Searches” button


Pick The Right Filters!

Now in the filter section you need to pick a few important choices! Let’s get started.

Music Genres: Here you’ll have to pick the right genres that resemble what you do. Of course, we know that everyone has its own sound, but in this section you need to be pragmatic. Pick the ones that would make sense to a promoter and choose them. If you’re not sure what genre belongs to you, then find artists you affiliate yourself with and research what genre they make. Most likely, that will be yours as well.

Type of gig: Here you need to choose what type of event you’d like to find. Where do you want to play? At a bar, club, concert hall, wedding…? To sum up, this is the area where you’ll specify this.

City: In this section, you can pick the city you’d like to find opportunities in and determine a radius starting from that centre point. As a result, you can narrow or broaden your geographical choices to your liking.

Dates: Here you can pick the period in which you’d like to find opportunities in.

Search Term: Here you can use keywords of any type to further help you specify what you’re looking for.

Start Applying!

Click on “View Results” and start exploring the gigs that fall under the categories picked by you. Once you find the right gig you truly feel belongs to you, APPLY FOR IT! Apply to as many gigs as possible. On gigmit there are not only live gigs and festival slots, you can also apply to WIN opportunities to win equipment to produce music from partners like JBL, Sennheiser, D’Addario and more! And don’t forget promotion opportunities such as playlists, interviews, livestreams etc. that can help you boost your career!

In conclusion, if you do not find matching opportunities, use the gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE to contact thousands of promoters proactively.


PRO TIP: Stay up to date by checking your new gig opportunities, emails and messages at least once a week!


Start applying for gigs here.

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