Sep 06, 2021

From Spain to China, Looking For Melodies With Carlos De Pablos


Carlos de Pablos grew up in the Spanish town of Betanzos where he first learned music as a kid. After finishing his piano degree he moved to London for 5 years where he explored the club culture of the city as a raver and a DJ and further developed his electronic influences. In 2020 he released his debut EP ‘Tough Call’ referencing his decision to move to China at the end of the year where he laces atmospheric and expressive melodies with deep driving rhythms.

Tell us about your project. 

My music is influenced by my background as a classical pianist, as well as by producers and bands like Jon Hopkins, Moderat and Bicep, so I’m inclined towards deeper sounds and rich harmonies, combined with powerful rhythms. When I DJ I’m more flexible and high energy, and I tend to play minimal, techno, melodic techno or even breaks. Though as long as I find a track interesting and moving, I will play it.

Describe your creative process.

I mostly work alone in my studio but in the future, I’d like to collaborate more with vocalists. I’ll usually be jamming on my keyboard until I find  some harmony or some sound that I find interesting and then I’ll try to develop it to see if it could become a full track. Sometimes it’s a slow and gruelling process and other times it flows like magic. Either way, I try not to mystify the process and focus on what I can control.

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How are you occupying yourself during lockdown?

I recently moved to Shanghai, where there hasn’t been a lockdown for over a year now, so I’ve been enjoying a more free lifestyle and getting to play few gigs in the local Shanghai scene. Being able to directly connect with other people in the club has been an amazing feeling after being locked in Spain for most of 2020.

Which instrument do you want to learn but haven’t yet and why?

I’d love to learn to play the drums! As a DJ, obviously, I love rhythm and I feel like it would give me a deeper understanding of drum patterns and groove and in turn, make me a better producer. But besides all of that, it just simply looks incredibly fun. 

How political should music be?

As political as you want it to be. I believe music is a channel through which we can express ourselves and connect deeply with others. Everyone gets something different out of music and that’s the beauty of it. If you have something to say that’s important for you, music can be a powerful way to do it.

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