Nov 12, 2020

Casio NOT HOME ALONE Video Series Featuring gigmit Acts


Even during challenging times like these, it pays off to be a gigmit PRO member. We at gigmit are always looking for interesting opportunities for gigmit artists to keep you busy and engaged even when you are not allowed to leave your house. Therefore we set up our NOT HOME ALONE series – to provide you with insightful information, to keep your updated about what’s happening in the live music industry and to provide you with valuable opportunities that will help you develop your music and get the word out about you as an artist. In Co-operation with Casio, we offered artists a paid video live performance from home and a Casio digital piano on top of that!


Earlier this year we teamed up with none other than CASIO for our quarantine series NOT HOME ALONE. It goes without saying that these last months have been very challenging for the live music industry and artists and promoters in particular. At gigmit, however, we still try to provide artists with great opportunities that can help push their music career.

For our NOT HOME ALONE series with CASIO we called upon all artists to send us their best home-video in which they treated us to some of their best music pieces performed on the piano. Six talented gigmit artists were selected from the hundreds of applications. All winning artists received a CASIO Privia PX-S1000, with a fee of up to € 800 on top of that. 

gigmit PRO exclusive

This opportunity was exclusively open for gigmit PRO users, but artists could test gigmit PRO for free for one month before signing up for the annual subscription. Being a PRO user helps artists to get more visibility for opportunities like these and get selected more frequently for gigs and open calls. 

Curious to see who the winners are and how their music sounds on their new Privia PX-S1000? Check them out below!


Karpov not Kasparov

Lucas Laufen

Marta Cascales Alimbau


Tobias Sarra

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