Jun 28, 2021
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‘Elevate Your Voice’ Vocal Week – 7 Guides for Singers


For the ‘Elevate Your Voice’ Vocal Week, we’ve teamed up with Shure to create 7 articles specifically for singers. How do you find the right mic? How do you get better as a vocalist? What to look for when recording vocals – what to look for in the mix? What are the tricks for post-processing your voice?

As a bonus, you will also find a link to the Shure Mic Match Quiz, so that you can find the right microphone for you and your voice with just a few targeted questions.

How to Choose the Perfect Mic for Your Voice

Find the perfect Mic

Finding the perfect mic for your voice can be a challenge. The musical style that you’re performing, your recording environment, and the unique characteristics of your voice are all factors in determining the type of microphone that best suits you. The good news is, there’s a microphone for everyone! Learn how to choose the right one for your voice in this video from LANDR and SHURE with Peggy Hogan...


Become A Better Vocalist By Recording Your Voice

Become a better vocalist

While it’s not always easy to listen to yourself, recording your voice and then listening back to it can be tremendously helpful in improving your singing. Recording artist Peggy Hogan from LANDR explains how she does it and shares her 7 reasons why recording can make you a better vocalist. Learn more…


How to Record A Singer In the Studio

How to record a singer in the studio

There’s a lot to consider when recording a singer in the studio. Join producer Isabelle Banos and vocalist Peggy Hogan in their recording session and find out what it takes to get great-sounding vocals – powered by Shure & LANDR. Learn more…


Pro Tips By A Producer On How To Mix Vocals

Image by Shure

Mixing vocals can be tricky! Discover producer Isabelle Banos’ tips and learn everything you need to mix vocals from A-Z – powered by LANDR & Shure. Watch the video…


Vocal Processing Tricks By IAMLXGEND To Make Your Track Shine

Vocal Processing: Shure Headphones

After you have recorded and mixed your vocals, there’s much that you can still do to bring some extra life to them! Learn from producer IAMLXGEND about how you can use creative vocal processing to give your vocal tracks a polished professional sound. Watch the video…


A Capella Queen McFerrin On the Voice As An Instrument

Soul singer Madison McFerrin is known for her a cappella harmonies, from which she creates entire tracks in real-time on stage with the help of her loop pedal. In this interview, the daughter of famous singer Bobby McFerrin (Don’t Worry, Be Happy) reveals how technology informs her approach to singing and why she considers the voice as an instrument. Read more…


3 Tips for Your YouTube Vlog By Hannah Trigwell

A vlog is a great way for musicians to build and connect with a fan base. Singer-songwriter Hannah Trigwell shares her experiences and gives you her top 3 tips for your YouTube vlog. Learn more…


Shure Mic Match Quiz: Find the Mic That Suits Your Needs

Shure Mic Match Quiz

Selecting the right microphone can be intimidating. With countless options available—dynamic or condenser, single application or multi-purpose, end or side-address—it’s easy to be overwhelmed. To make it easier, Shure created the Mic Match quiz to help vocalists select the correct microphone for their specific application. Take the quiz…


Learn more about your voice and Shure Mics here.
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