Jul 10, 2020

FAQs About the INES#pro Programme


INES, the Innovation Network of European Showcases, is a European cooperation project powered by gigmit in association with 20 European showcase festivals. The INES#pro programme supports music professionals to attend the INES partner festivals throughout Europe in order to discover bands, make new contacts, get informed about relevant topics and create powerful synergies. You want to know how it works and how you can participate? Find out in our INES#pro FAQs!

Who Can Apply?

  • Everyone who works in a professional environment in the music industry in Europe and associated countries. All delegates from labels, publishers, music startups, management, booking agencies to media companies, etc. are music professionals who can, therefore, register for INES#pro.

Where Can I Apply?

  • Find out about open INES#pro calls here. The calls usually open several months before the respective festivals begin.

What Do I Get As An INES#pro?

  • Attend INES showcase festivals and conferences for free.
  • Get funding for travel and accommodation (limited amount of invitations).

Do I Need To Do Anything In Return?

  • Write a statement about your experience with the INES#pro programme after attending the festivals.
  • Have a great time and make a lot of connections!

Who Decides If I Receive An Invitation Or Not? How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting Invited?

  • Each festival respectively decides who to invite. Make sure they notice you, make your application interesting and relevant!

Will I Get Notified If My Application Was Not Successful?

  • Yes, the festival you applied to should send you an email in both cases. If not, please write to contact@ines-festivals.eu.

Do you have any other questions about the INES#pro programme that weren’t answered here? Please send us an email at contact@ines-festivals.eu. To find out more about the INES#talent programme, read our FAQs here.

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