Mar 31, 2022
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Around the Globe gigmit Acts Have Tested SoundID Reference


In addition to 100,000 studios and Grammy Award-winning engineers, gigmit acts around the globe use the sound calibration software SoundID Reference to make better mixing decisions and to get full confidence in their sound. Here we introduce four of them to you – as well as their recommendation of the tool.

SoundID Reference

SoundID Reference is software by Sonarworks that measures your studio monitors and listening environment to create a neutral frequency response to deliver consistently accurate reference sound between speakers and headphones, allowing you to have full confidence in your music.

  • Produce music that sounds great everywhere!
  • Try it for free!
  • Mix more accurately with your speakers and headphones!

In addition to 100,000 recording studios around the world and 55 Grammy Award-winning engineers who have produced artists such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Adele, Coldplay, and many others, gigmit acts around the globe also use the software.

“Happy Monitoring” – LOVE X STEREO (KR)

The Electronic duo LOVE X STEREO reviewed SoundID Reference from Sonarworks in their pink-lighted rehearsal room in Seoul and shared very positive feedback via their Instagram channel.

Impressive convenient features 💜  which we will enjoy using in the future for proper monitoring 🙏.

Watch the whole review video of LOVE X STEREO here.



Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Love X Stereo (@lovexstereo)

“Much More Accurate Sound” – MIU HAITI (US)

In an unboxing video, the Eclectic Pop Singer Songwriter MIU HAITI from Newark, US recommends SoundID Reference to all her followers. She uses the software to calibrate her headphones. This helps her give her producer accurate feedback when he sends her new mixes.

Trust me, that makes it as easy as ABC.

Check out MIU’s message here.

“Full Confidence In Sound, Guys!” – JATAYU (IN)

In their home studios in India, all four band members of the jazz-rock band JATAYU from Chennai tested SoundID Reference. In a very entertaining compilation, they recommend the software, especially to independent musicians.

If you’re an independent musician with an untreated room on a tight budget, this product is for you.

The difference between how it was and how it is now is a lot.

Be with us as JATAYU calibrate their personal speakers and get inspired here.


“A Big Relief” – MARY KEEY (CH)

Swiss pop music princess MARY KEEY from Olten takes us into the day of an independent artist: from chai latte in the morning to the super easy installation of SoundID reference to the studio and to bed.

If we’re not sure we’re all hearing the same thing this is kind of problematic. SoundID Reference is really solving the problem for us.

You can get an insight into MARY’s everyday life here.


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Mary Keey (@marykeeymusic)

Here you additionally learn how the software helped MARY KEEY with the production of the new single.


Experience SoundID Reference for Yourself

Now you ask yourself “Hey! I am also a gigmit act and also want to have calibrated boxes and headphones.” We have good news for you! You can download and try SoundID Reference for free at Check it out! Life is too short to chase after wrong mixes.

SoundID Reference from Sonarworks

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