May 07, 2021

gigmit FAQ: How to Get the Most Out of It As A Promoter


gigmit is designed to make the work of artists and promoters easier. A lot of things work automatically. At some points, however, it also depends on you whether your activities are successful. This includes, for example, an attractive profile, a gig that leaves no questions unanswered, and good pictures.

We tell you how you can get the most out of gigmit as a promoter.

Optimise Your Promoter Profile

What should your promoter profile look like? To get the most out of it, you start with your profile that is linked with every gig you create. The more complete your promoter profile is the better. An informative profile helps artists when evaluating whether they should apply or not. This helps improve the quality and relevancy of applications received.

A complete promoter profile should include

  • either the official logo or a picture that conveys the atmosphere at your venue/festival
  • a brief but telling description of your venue/festival and also states what kind of artists would usually perform with you
  • media links such as live performances, interviews, or anything else that helps tell the story of your venue or festival
  • social media links

Update your Promoter Page by logging in, clicking on “Promoter Page” at the top, and then “Edit Promoter Page”.

how to get the most out of it: edit your promoter page

The Right Set-Up

What should you consider when creating and posting gigs? The great thing about gigmit is that it helps you limit eligibility to apply to the kind of artists you are really looking for. You just have to make sure that you give all the details and information you have at hand. Setting everything up right in the first place will help you reduce effort further down the line when deciding which artists you would like to book.

The Appealing Image

What role do photos play in a gig offer? Nothing says more than a good picture. An eye-catching cover image helps attract bigger and more professional artists. What is more, our marketing team often shares news and your calls within our community. A quality picture can help a lot and also serves as a free promo for you as the promoter! The ideal picture for a gig has the format 940 pxl x 626 pxl! 

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