May 20, 2020

7 Tips On How To Promote Your Event Via Facebook


A packed out venue thanks to social media? We’ve got 7 top tips on how to promote your event effectively via Facebook and attract the biggest possible crowds on a low budget.

This is how to promote your event via Facebook.

1. The Base: Fans

So you’ve got a Facebook page for your club or festival with lots of followers, as well as a personal profile with loads of friends. Excellent – because your chances of packing a venue are best when as many of your friends and fans as possible are from your target area and have the right taste in music for your event. You can increase your page’s followers by recommending it to your friends, asking them to recommend it to their friends, and by using targeted Facebook ads to generate fans. It’s important to limit the target groups to suitable music genres and your chosen target area.

The fanbase of your live act can also be decisive. At gigmit, you can see if an artist has fans in your area before you book. With this knowledge, you can better decide how much promotion you need to do for the event. Get more information about the gigmit FAN INSIGHTS here.

2. Create An Event: Facts & Image

Use your personal profile to create an event, not your club/festival page. This gives you the advantage of being able to add other friends as event administrators. Create an event, choose a name, date, location and then add an eye-catching image. This could be, for example, an adapted version of the event poster/flyer or a photo of the artist. At the moment, the recommended image size is 828 x 315 pxl or double or triple resolution (1656 x 630 / 3312 x 1260 pxl). Very important: don’t forget to link to your ticket shop! When choosing the image settings, make sure to select the greatest number of options to ensure maximum online visibility, and allow all guests to add comments and contributions in the event feed.

3. Spread the Word: Sharing

Share the event on your page and profile and invite your friends to come along – make sure that as many as possible are from the target area. Make your colleagues, best friends and the band members administrators of the event, and ask them to share it and invite their friends. If there are any suitable local Facebook groups, you can also share the event there. It also wouldn’t hurt to share your event on other social media channels!

4. Promote Your Event Like A Pro

You can give your event an added boost using Facebook ads. To do this, select the menu item “Boost Event”, which allows you to create a Facebook ad. When selecting a suitable photo, make sure that it complies with the Facebook advertising guidelines. For example, the photo can only contain 20% text. In addition to a catchy text and image, selecting the right target group is also vital: choose a local audience that likes the particular genre of your event. If you’re organising an event with a very popular band, you can limit the target group to focus only on their fans, otherwise, it’s a good idea to recommend the event to fans of similar artists.

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5. Content: Post Additional Photos & Videos

It’s important to add additional posts such as artist photos and videos in your event feed regularly (not all at the same time). It’s also good to encourage your artist(s) to post as well. Add anything and everything that has to do with the event: concert recordings, videos from the practice room, information about the band members etc..

6. The Final Countdown

Some people decide spontaneously to check out a gig. Therefore, it’s a good idea to add posts to the event feed in the last few days before it takes place. This will really increase the fans’ anticipation and excitement. Has the band arrived? Is the stage ready? Great, then shoot a pic and post it in the feed.

7. Keep going after the gig!

After the event, it’s really important to add photos and videos to the feed, thank the band and the fans, and post info about the next event. This helps you to connect with your fans and all those who didn’t make it to the concert this time and builds up the excitement for your next gig.

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