Apr 02, 2020

INES#festival Launches Live Stream Platform “Guest House”


After the cancellation of tours, gigs and the uncertainty of what’s next, we need to come together to support emerging artists through these hard times more than ever. INES#festival Liverpool Sound City had to be postponed during COVID-19. The festival decided to offer us a new digital online platform named Guest House. It allows artists and bands to create new ways of earning money in this tough time as well as in the future. The platform launch is on the 2nd of April 2020.

Episode 001 of new live stream platform guest houseWhat Is The New Live Stream Platform ‘Guest House’ About?

Guest House is a weekly live stream series featuring emerging artists from around the UK and the wider global community. The project consists in a full day of live music programming: each artists has a 30-minute segment and broadcasts from their own homes brought to us by Sound City. It is an opportunity for artists to showcase their festival sets as well as entertain their fans in innovative ways from the privacy of their own bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, back garden or bedroom! The struggle is real but the message of Guest House is simple: “We want to support artists no matter where they are or what they are doing. A place where we can enjoy, discover and give back to the artists who excite us in one way or another.”

How To Earn A Fee?

Guest House is a paid to enter platform that allows the artists to equally share the money that is raised for each day of programming. Additionally, each artist can increase their income streams depending on the quality of their programmes as fans can choose to give more money during the live streams. It is a digital opportunity for bands and artists to earn extra money. They can also offer exclusive merchandise, music, gig tickets and many other innovative ideas they can come up with during their 30-minute segment.

Supporting the Artists Directly

The promoters are asking us to give £4.99 of our hard-earned cash every month in order to support the artists they bring to us via Guest House. If the platforms doesn’t meet your expectations, you can cancel the subscription at any time. This little amount of cash could make a huge difference. Compared to Apple Music’s & Spotify’s where only a small amount of money goes directly to the artist. Guest House’s culture is a no blank space, hidden algorithms or crazy micropayment systems one. The money we pay for subscriptions is equally divided each month between the artists who have performed on Guest House that month. Furthermore, all net revenue made via donations in the performance segment goes directly to the artist.

High Energy Pop-Punk: INES#talent Bronnie
High Energy Pop-Punk: INES#talent Bronnie

For the first episode on 2nd April, Guest House is delighted to present three gigmit live acts: Heavy Rock powerhouses CRAWLERS and Molly Green‘s Soul-Jazz from Liverpool and INES#talent Bronnie from Wirral UK with high energy Pop-Punk.

“From the Comfort of Our Own Homes”

“The idea for The Guest House came from the situation forced upon us all by the global outbreak of the Coronavirus. It allows bands to maintain desperately needed income coming into them during this difficult time and it allows fans to get even closer to the artists they love and continue to support them whilst the normal ways to see them have been cut off. All from the comfort of our own homes!” says Joanne Whitty, Sound City+ Director.

Check out the new live stream platform Guest House on guesthouselive.co.uk. For further announcements and more information please follow Liverpool Sound City on social media. Use the discount code EARLYBIRD for 50% off your first 3 months. And if you record a live stream on your own feel free to share your videos with @gigmit on social media and get one-year gigmit PRO for free!


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