Apr 30, 2020

Q&A: Live at Heart vs. Coronavirus


Peter Åstedt, co-founder of the Swedish showcase festival Live at Heart gave us some insights into how the festival deals with the impairments caused by the Coronavirus. He also shared some valuable tips for artists on how they can make the best use of their time and the opportunities that come with this crisis.

Peter Astedt
Peter Åstedt, co-founder of Live At Heart

gigmit: Is the festival still on?

Peter Åstedt: Yes, we still count to do Live at Heart from 2nd to 5th of September.

Is there any room for new applications?

Yes, we close for new applications first of May, we are in discussion to make the application time longer for a month, but are not sure yet.

If you have to postpone the festival, will you also face changes in the line-up?

If we would postpone the festival, it would be skipped this year. In that case, we would get artists that already have a yes to get the first chance to say yes on the 2021 festival.

Are you open to host a digital version of Live at Heart? What is important for you to make it happen? What would it look like?

We would not do that. The festival’s point is the meetings between people. Sorry, the online space is not a good way to meet people.

What are the main things you are working or struggling with currently?

We don’t know who will survive among the restaurants and venues, even hotels and airlines, we don’t know who will be still operating in September. Also if there are any travel restrictions that will still hang on that we have to consider.

Do you have any tips for artists at the moment? How can they use their time while being stuck at home?

Hang on there. Crisis always comes with a lot of opportunities in the form of changes. You can work these changes to your best. What is best right now is working on new material, write songs and so on. Don’t be too fast to flood the digital channels with new material just because you have the time. Better to release some and keep more to have when it all starts.

How is the music community reacting to this crisis in Sweden?

Sweden has been the least locked-down place, I guess. Most things are still open but restricted to how many people can be there at the same time. This has done that you have freedom but with responsibility. A good thing is that we have gotten a bigger focus on local music.

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